WATCH: Trump Rants About ‘Biden’s War on the Suburbs’ In Ever-So-Subtle New Campaign Video

Former President Donald Trump ranted about President Joe Biden’s “war on the suburbs” in a new campaign video with some generations-old echoes about “suburban” anxiety over fairer housing.

On Monday, Trump’s campaign published a video rant entitled “Ending Biden’s War on the Suburbs” that’s pegged to a Housing and Urban Development plan to have communities identify “how HUD funds can be used to promote equity, overcome patterns of segregation, and increase access to opportunity and community assets for underserved communities.”

But the rant itself carries echoes of decades-old appeals to “suburban voters” about “property values” and crime — and to Trump’s own losing campaign against Biden, during which he accused his rival of attempting to “abolish the suburbs”:

Joe Biden recently announced that he will require every state, county, city, and town to submit so-called equity plans to impose the Left’s Marxist housing agenda on your communities. This is not what we need.

The Biden power grab will put radical and racist left-wing bureaucrats in charge of micromanaging the housing where you live. And nobody can be happy about that. I talked about it during my last campaign and people understood it very well.

They will use the power of the federal government to abolish zoning for single family homes, destroy your property values by building giant multifamily apartment complexes in the suburbs— and even next to your house—and force your community to pay for low-income housing developments right next door.

The woke left is waging full scale war on the suburbs, and their Marxist crusade is coming for your neighborhood, your tax dollars, your public safety, and your home. When I get back into the Oval Office, one of my first acts will be to repeal Joe Biden’s radical left attack on the suburban lifestyle.

Just as I blew up Barack Obama’s leftist housing monstrosity just a few years ago—and I blew it up—the Biden war on the suburbs will be over and it’ll never happen again. That whole mess will never ever happen again. We pray for our country. Thank you.

Watch above via Donald Trump.

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