Trump Tells McDonald’s Workers, ‘I Know This Menu Better Than You Do’

Former President Donald Trump told employees at a McDonald’s in Ohio he’s more familiar with their offerings than they are. As his affinity for the fast food chain is legendary, he might actually be right about that.

Trump visited East Palestine in the Buckeye State on Wednesday, three weeks after a Norfolk Southern train derailed in the town, releasing toxic chemicals into the environment. Since the accident, residents have reported headaches and skin rashes. Many are concerned about the town’s drinking water, which officials claim is potable.

Before his burger run, Trump spoke at an event where he told attendees he brought “Trump water” to give to residents, as well as “lesser quality water.”

Afterward, he went to a nearby McDonald’s.

“We’re gonna get the meals for the fire department,” he said as he entered the establishment. “Hello, everybody. What’s your specialty today?”

“How are you today?” a clerk asked. “Nice to meet you.”

“That’s a nice, beautiful-looking group of people,” said the former president. “So, I know this menu better than you do. I probably know it better than anybody in here.”

Trump said he would pay for meals for the town’s police and fire departments, as well as the people in the restaurant.

The former president’s love of McDonald’s is no secret. According to his son-in-law Jared Kushner, one of Trump’s favorite meals is a “Big Mac, Filet-o-Fish, fries and a vanilla shake.”

During a government shutdown in 2019, Trump hosted the college football champion Clemson Tigers at the White House and offered players and coaches a large spread of McDonald’s because much of the kitchen staff had been furloughed.

Watch above via C-SPAN.

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