Skip Bayless Rips Ja Morant For Quoting Rap Lyrics While Cheering on Teammate in Interview: ‘It Was Not a Good Sign’

Fox Sports host Skip Bayless ripped Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant for rapping lyrics while his teammate was interviewed following a recent win.

Morant served an eight-game suspension for flashing a gun in an Instagram Live video at a nightclub. The ban ended on Monday and the star guard was not in the lineup. Instead, he sat on the bench and cheered Memphis on in their win against the Dallas Mavericks 112-108.

Santi Aldama was being interviewed by Bally Sports Southeast when Morant came up from behind, and the two of them shouted, “It’s a parade inside my city!” Lyrics from the rapper NBA YoungBoy‘s song Fresh Prince of Utah.

On Tuesday’s Undisputed, Bayless explained to co-host Shannon Sharpe why he did not like the fact Morant sang a lyric from a song.

“When it comes to Ja, take it out of the context of what he just went through,” Bayless said. “I’ll just say this; it was not a good sign that he quoted that rap lyric.”

A report obtained by The Washington Post claimed that Morant was involved in a physical altercation with a teenage boy and the head of security at a mall during the summer of 2022. He was then investigated by Tennessee police for allegedly assaulting a high school student in September.

Morant was allegedly in a car that drove up to a loading dock at FedEx Forum in Memphis to intimidate members of the Indiana Pacers staff by reportedly flashing a red laser at the staff from the car.

“Given the fact that he had just recently been through four different incidents that led up to what happened in Denver, Colorado, at the strip club, dangling the gun that he chose to post on IG (Instagram) Live, then all of a sudden he’s suspended for two games, and then four games, and then I don’t know how many games,” Bayless said.

“So he’s back on the bench, and I’m happy to see him back on the bench, and I thought, ‘is he gonna be a little bit subdue just out of respect of what he’s been through?’ He was not. He was 1000 percent, Ja Morant on the bench,” Bayless said.

The Grizzlies star denied that the gun shown in the Instagram Live video was his.

Watch above via Fox Sports 1.

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