Marjorie Taylor Greene Delivers Warning From Her Home Gym We’re ‘Post-Constitution’ With Third Trump Indictment: ‘Feels Like Communism!’

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) warned that America is in a post Constitution era in the wake of former President Donald Trump’s third indictment.

She uploaded the dire warning on her Twitter account Thursday morning from the comforts of her home gym, saying that the country was now facing “real communism.”

So today President Trump is being indicted in Washington D.C. in a court with a jury of his so-called peers. Those are not his peers. Everybody knows this. Everyone knows that he has no shot of a fair trial in the Washington DC court system. No Republican has a shot at a fair trial in the Washington DC courts. But let’s also talk about the real situation. He’s being indicted for saying the election was stolen.

You know, who else said the election was stolen? Hillary Clinton said the election was stolen, and then everybody parroted her talking points. Stacey Abrams said her election was stolen running for governor here in Georgia.

Greene then went on a long rant about the BLM and Antifa riots of 2020 which she said “nearly burned down Washington D.C.”

“Police were attacked night after night. People were killed, communities were ravaged. There was nonstop looting, nonstop violence, nonstop madness every single night,” Greene said. “But yet President Trump is being indicted today for what? Saying his election was stolen…”

Greene lamented that Democrats are never held accountable.

“Those who are holding the power and controlling, basically holding the power of the Constitution right now are putting the Constitution through a paper shredder by what they are doing with the Department of Justice,” Greene said.

“This is not justice. This is the greatest injustice. This is actual real communism in America. The Biden administration is arresting and trying to put in jail their top political opponent, Donald Trump. Why? Because they’re watching the polls and they know that he’s going to win. This is a serious situation,” Greene said.

The Congresswoman warned that the country is actually post Constitution.

“…I’m gonna tell you the reality of how a lot of people really feel. They feel like we’re actually post constitution. Think about this,” Greene said before talking about America’s open border, the Ukraine war, Transgender athletes, and drug trafficking.

“Sorry, that’s not very constitutional. So for everyone that’s talking to me about the ‘Constitution, Marjorie, the Constitution,’ I’m sorry. It feels pretty much like we’re post constitution because it feels like communism in America today when President Trump is being indicted,” Greene added.

Watch above via @RepMTG on Twitter.

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