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When You’ve Lost Ruth Marcus. . .

(Steven Hayward) Scott has written already about the disgrace at Yale Law School (“Getting Minds Right at Yale“), but the story is worth a footnote. Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus, who is a reliable weathervane of banal liberal conventional wisdom, wrote about the Yale matter in her Post column today, and apparently some things are even too much for Post liberals: Maoist reeducation camps have nothing on Yale Law School. . .

Teenage test scores declined pre-pandemic

(Paul Mirengoff) Data from the National Center for Education Statistics (the Center) show that test scores in both reading and math have declined for 13-year-old students. This is the first decline in half a century, according to the Center. In light of school closures and “remote learning,” one might expect scores to decline. Except that these results are from before the pandemic. The decline in scores is concentrated among the lowest-performing students.

Civil War 2.0?

(John Hinderaker) I wrote here about the possibility that the United States might come apart, not in another violent civil war but in a Brexit-like separation of the blue states from the red states. Five years ago I would not have entertained such a possibility. Today it seems like a viable alternative, and polls suggest that a lot of Americans are open to the possibility. Over the last few days, Southwest Airlines

Weird Woke Capitalism

(John Hinderaker) Woke capitalism is one of the strange phenomena of our time. Why major corporations think it is in their interest to embrace anti-Americanism, racism (CRT), gender confusion, etc., is beyond me. But John Lewis, a department store chain in the U.K., takes wokeness a step further–into deep weirdness. As you watch this ad, try to imagine what John Lewis’s marketers and ad agency were thinking. What viewers did they think

Live Podcast Tomorrow!

(Steven Hayward) I’m a little late getting this notice up, but tomorrow (Friday) afternoon the great “Lucretia” and I will be taping our weekly Three Whisky Happy Hour podcast live on Zoom at 5:30 pm Pacific (8:30 pm Eastern; I have no idea what time this is in Australia—or even what day), open to all comers. I’ll post the Zoom link here middle of the afternoon tomorrow. We’re still putting together our

Shareholder alert focuses on reverse discrimination by Lowe’s

(Paul Mirengoff) The American Civil Rights Project (ACR Project), on whose board I serve, is investigating whether the officers and directors of Lowe’s Companies, Inc. have breached their fiduciary duties by violating civil rights laws that protect against racial and other forms of discrimination. The ACR Project has issued this Shareholder Alert explaining the situation and inviting interested shareholders who have held Lowe’s stock since before July 13, 2021 to contact the

Supreme Court likely to reinstate death penalty for Boston Marathon bomber

(Paul Mirengoff) Yesterday, the Supreme Court heard argument in the case of Dzhokar Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bomber. A jury sentenced Tsarnaev to death, but the liberal First Circuit Court of Appeals overturned that sentence. The Washington Post’s report is here. Bill Otis discusses the oral argument here. The Post infers from the Justices’ questions that the Court will overturn the First Circuit’s decision, thereby reinstating the death penalty. CNN sees it

California’s Continuing Collapse

(Steven Hayward) There are several stories that can write themselves every morning, such as the failure of green energy, the failure of the Biden Administration, the failure of the wokerati to acquire any common sense, etc. And then there’s the ongoing failure of California, in particular San Francisco. Herewith a few news stories from the last few days that don’t need explanation or commentary: Walgreens to close 5 more S.F. stores, citing

A note to commenters

(Scott Johnson) I moderate comments for Power Line and have posted several notes to commenters including those here (2020) and here (2019). They enumerate the guidelines and considerations that I apply in deleting comments and banning commenters. I also wrote the notice to commenters in the sidebar of our site and I strictly enforce it as stated. Our software withholds some comments for review and that is where I review them. Assuming

Yanking our supply chain

(Scott Johnson) If there was ever an administration unequal to the challenge of mitigating product shortages and lowering inflation, it must be the Biden administration. They know they have to do something, but they do not have a clue except in the public relations department. In the real world, the administration’s actions and proposals either have aggravated or will aggravate the underlying problem(s). Yesterday President Biden stepped forward to read from a