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Iraqi elections are setback for Iran and win for one-time U.S. enemy

(Paul Mirengoff) Earlier this month, Iraq held elections. Fifteen years ago, Iraqi elections were considered a big deal in the U.S. Nowadays, hardly anyone here pays attention to them. That’s understandable. Saddam Hussein, al Qaeda in Iraq, and ISIS are all long gone. But Iran isn’t. Neither are those strong Iranian-backed militias. And the U.S. still has a small contingent of troops there. Thus, it’s worth taking a moment to consider the

Et Tu, San Francisco?

(John Hinderaker) Across the country, parents and concerned citizens are rising up against unresponsive left-wing school boards, most of which have been put in place without much public oversight by far-left teachers’ unions. The movement for reform has now reached as far as San Francisco: Three San Francisco school board members are heading to a recall election early next year after the city’s elections department confirmed the organizers of the recall collected

“Let’s Go Brandon” Banned…

(John Hinderaker) …in Canada. Via PJ Media, the Canadian government has apparently banned the phrase “Let’s go Brandon” in any government communications. It appears that some Canadian officials have been getting rambunctious in their memos and correspondence; hence the need to prohibit “the uses of colloquialism or sayings with intended double meaning or offense.” But in particular, there must have been an outbreak of “Let’s go Brandon,” and one suspects that this

Nine months into Biden’s presidency, faith in government has plummeted

(Paul Mirengoff) Dan Balz, the Washington Post’s senior writer about politics, looks at the results of a recent Gallup poll on trust of government. Based on these results, he suggests that the public’s souring on government bodes ill for Joe Biden’s agenda. That’s a fair conclusion. Gallup conducts an annual survey of attitudes about government. Last year, as the pandemic raged, 54 percent of Americans said the government should do more to

Oberlin Beclowns Itself Again

(Steven Hayward) We’re covered the disgrace that is Oberlin College repeatedly (here, here, here, and here, for starters), but there’s a fresh embarrassment to pass along. From the Oberlin Review student paper—one of those “you have to read it, not to believe it” stories: Male Workers Allowed Into Baldwin, Unsettling Residents Peter Fray-Witzer On Oct. 7, residents of Baldwin Cottage received an email from Josh Matos, the area coordinator for Multicultural and

Washington Post moans about cost of Justice for J6 rally

(Paul Mirengoff) In the lead story in its local news section, the Washington Post reported last week that the Justice for J6 rally in D.C. cost government agencies that assisted Capitol Police at least $790,000. The Post seems bothered by this expenditure. So I infer from the fact that the paper rarely reports on the price tag of marches and protests by leftists or, for that matter, their rioting. Whatever one thinks

Lies of the NY Times

(Steven Hayward) Well, it appears Nicole Hannah-Jones, the impresario of the New York Times‘s egregiously awful 1619 Project, is at it again. No stealth corrections? How, then, does she explain these changes? Was the Times hacked? Move along, nothing to see here. (Hat tip: Phil Magness.) Chaser from the Times today: Jefferson Statue May Be Removed After More Than 100 Years at City Hall Black, Latino and Asian City Council members who

Getting minds right at Yale: In their own words

(Scott Johnson) I asked second-year Yale Law School student Trent Colbert for copies of the documents that are quoted in the stories on his “get your mind right” experience with the school authorities. Trent kindly provided screenshots of the documents. I have typed them out below: • Apology drafted by Yaseen Eldik sent to Trent on September 16 at 3:31 p.m. Dear BLSA leaders, I write to sincerely apologize to you for

Getting minds right at Yale, cont’d

(Scott Johnson) Trent Colbert has self-identified as the Native American/Federalist Society student member who stood up to the harassment of the powers-that-be at Yale Law School (see Aaron Terr’s FIRE story linked below). The Free Beacon’s Aaron Sibarium broke the story with Colbert’s audio clips documenting his close encounters of the diverse kind in “A Yale Law Student Sent a Lighthearted Email Inviting Classmates to His ‘Trap House.’ The School Is Now

Superman will no longer fight for “the American way”

(Paul Mirengoff) John wrote here about how the Superman character will come out as bisexual in the latest DC Comics series. But there’s more to the new Superman. According to this report, Superman will no longer be said to fight for “truth, justice, and the American way.” The motto will be changed to “truth, justice, and a better tomorrow.” DC Comics defends the change on the theory that Superman does, indeed, fight