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Guilty, Guilty, Guilty?

(John Hinderaker) The long-awaited trial of Democratic Party fixer Michael Sussman is under way. Sussman is charged with one count of lying to the FBI, the lie being that when he came to the Bureau with fake information about Donald Trump and Russia’s Alfa Bank, he was acting as a public-spirited citizen and not on behalf of any client. Today former FBI general counsel James Baker testified that Sussman told him that

Freedom Is Fascism?

(John Hinderaker) One of the weirdest tropes on the Left these days is the claim that freedom from government control is really fascism. Yesterday a reporter tried that theory out on Ron DeSantis, quoting a couple of Democrats who equated his Florida “regime” with totalitarian dictators like Fidel Castro. Big mistake: .@GovRonDeSantis shows how it does a “disservice” to equate Florida to dictatorial regimes. — MRCTV (@mrctv) May 18, 2022 A

The Science! of Infant Formula

(John Hinderaker) In the nick of time, the science of infant nutrition has evolved. It is hard not to sympathize with this tweeter’s take: Behold, The Science! It’s amazing that @AmerAcadPeds is so flexible with The Science when a Democrat is president. — NYC Angry Mom (@angrybklynmom) May 19, 2022 This article has the background, with pros and cons about feeding cow’s milk to infants. The obvious question is, if the 12-month

The war on American energy

(Scott Johnson) President Biden has conducted an incredibly effective war on energy production in the United States. It is amazing what he has accomplished on this front in such a short span of time in office. We have seen his progress in the price we pay at the pump virtually every day since January 20, 2021. Steve Hayward maps out the path Biden has taken in the New York Post column “Biden’s

Still counting in Pennsylvania

(Scott Johnson) According to RealClearPolitics, 98 percent of the votes have now been counted on the Republican side of the primary election for Pennsylvania’s open senatorial seat. That’s up from 95 percent of the vote counted yesterday morning. Woo hoo! With the additional votes counted, David McCormick has cut Dr. Oz’s lead from over 2600 votes to 1241 votes — with well over a million votes having been cast. Oz’s lead computes

Updates: Musk for the Win, and the Progressive Roots of “Replacement Theory”

(Steven Hayward) • When I posted in Loose Ends earlier today about Tesla being booted off the S&P ESG ETF, I neglected to speculate that it was Musk’s recent declaration that he’s going to vote Republican because Democrats have become too radical that might have triggered the step the woke capitalists have taken. And Musk has gamely responded: You know, I’m starting to think Musk is even better at Twitter than Trump.

Vaccination Blues

(John Hinderaker) It should be obvious to everyone by now that the covid vaccines have underperformed. After a few months, they provide only minimal protection. Healthy Skeptic has the Minnesota numbers, and every other state is no doubt the same if the data can be extracted. Click to enlarge: Currently, 78% of covid cases are in fully vaccinated people, as are 67% of hospitalizations. There aren’t many deaths, but if we go

Loose Ends (166)

(Steven Hayward) • Always behind on my weekend reading, so I just today caught up to Holman Jenkins’s Saturday column in the Wall Street Journal on “What Did the Steele Hoax Cost America?” The whole article is smoking hot great and worth reading all the way through if you have a Journal subscription, but this one passage stands out as the perfect summary for how to think about Trump: Mr. Trump may

Breaking: Biden White House Shutting Down “Disinformation Board”

(Steven Hayward) Today is offering a surfeit of feel-good news, but this one came in too late for the pervious post. The Washington Post is just up with the breaking story that the Biden Administration has decided to “pause” (but almost certainly shut down) the mis-named “Disinformation Governance Board”: Just three weeks after its announcement, the Disinformation Governance Board is being “paused,” according to multiple employees at DHS, capping a back-and-forth week

In search of uncounted PA votes

(Scott Johnson) Adapting a famous translation of one of the Roman poet Martial’s epigrams, I disclose in lieu of reporting the outcome of the Pennsylvania primary election for the Republican senatorial nomination: I do not love thee, Dr. Oz. The reason why? Well because… Reasons plural. I draw straws. I do not love thee, Dr. Oz. With this qualification. I would “love” Dr. Oz in preference to Democrat John Fetterman, if it