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Biden’s Pick to Lead CBP Just Confirmed Trump’s Harsh Border Policy Isn’t Going Anywhere

While today’s confirmation hearing for President Joe Biden’s pick to lead Customs and Border Protection didn’t produce fireworks, it was notable in at least one aspect: The Biden administration is still firmly committed to the controversial Trump-era policy that has essentially closed the border to migrants and asylum seekers for almost two years. “Do you […]

Ammon Bundy Faulted Trump. Now He’s Touting an Endorsement From One of Trump’s Most Loyal Advisers.

Anti-government extremist Ammon Bundy, who is running for governor in Idaho, is celebrating an endorsement from longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone—a step that unites what might seem like disparate strands of the American right. “He is a renowned infighter, a seasoned practitioner of hard-edge politics, a veteran strategist and a political fixer,” Bundy said in […]

Colin Powell Dies of COVID

Colin Powell, the highly decorated Army general who was the former chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, national security adviser, and secretary of State, died Monday at Walter Reed Medical Center from complications from COVID-19. His family reported that he was fully vaccinated. He served as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under […]

Hollywood Producers and Union Leaders Reach Deal They Hope Will Avert a Strike on Monday

Union leaders and Hollywood producers have reached an agreement that they hope will avert a strike that was set to begin Monday. The tentative agreement provides a number of improvements in wages and benefits for the costume designers, editors, set builders, and other craftspeople who work behind the scenes to keep the entertainment industry running.    […]

Utah Protesters Claim Hospitals Are Killing People Who Have COVID

Greg Johnson is standing on the corner of State Street in suburban Salt Lake City, Utah, holding a neatly stenciled sign that says, “COVID-19 Protocols Killed My Uncle.” Behind him looms the Intermountain Medical Center, the largest hospital in the region. Johnson is one of about 30 people who’ve come to protest Saturday because they believe […]