Author: Tom Philpott

California Farm Labor Bill Puts Gavin Newsom on the Spot

Thanks to an epic organizing campaign by the United Farm Workers (UFW), which began in the 1960s and faced violent opposition, California became a farm labor paradise, relatively speaking. Its farmworkers have the right to form unions without overt meddling from bosses, and can expect time-and-a-half overtime pay—rights denied to peers in most states, thanks […]

New York City’s Hasidic Schools Demonstrate the Folly of State-Funded Religious Education

As Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis continues his program of diverting public education funds to charter schools run by Christian conservative ideologues, New York City can offer a cautionary tale of what can go wrong with such government-subsidized religious schooling. In a blockbuster piece, New York Times reporters ⁦⁦Eliza Shapiro and Brian Rosenthal shine a light […]

No, Student Debt Relief Won’t Stoke Inflation

On Wednesday, President Biden announced his much-anticipated plan to lighten the $1.6 trillion student debt burden that hangs over 45 million borrowers. Under Biden’s executive order, people making less than $125,000 ($250,000 for married couples) will see their debt load cut by $10,000. For borrowers who received Pell Grants—a program designed to make college accessible […]

Liz Cheney: “We Will Contemplate a Subpoena” of Ginni Thomas If She Won’t Willingly Testify

Ginni Thomas is a right-wing activist and superfan of former president Donald Trump—and the wife of Clarence Thomas, the intellectual lodestar of the current US Supreme Court. After Trump failed to win reelection in Nov. 2020, she sent a flurry of text messages to Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, promoting false conspiracy theories and […]

Here are the Dumbest Moments of Turning Point USA’s Confab in Florida

Turning Point USA has emerged as the conservative movement’s MAGA Youth wing—an institution fixated on spreading the right wing gospel among high school and college students, with particular focus on a certain former president/reality TV host. At the group’s annual Student Action Summit in Tampa Bay this weekend, MAGAland’s most prominent pols, PR hacks, and […]