Author: Tim Pearce

‘Greatest. Moment. Evah.’: Critic Challenges Shapiro On His Height. Shapiro Calls Him Up On Stage

Daily Wire co-founder and editor emeritus Ben Shapiro put to rest myths about his stature on Monday night when a college student challenged him, claiming that Shapiro is actually four inches shorter than he is. Shapiro spoke at Florida State University (FSU) on “wokeness” infecting American institutions. After his planned remarks, Shapiro took questions from […]

LIVE UPDATES: Students Protest Ben Shapiro At Florida State University

Opponents of Ben Shapiro are apparently defacing property ahead of his speech at Florida State University on Monday evening. At least two progressive campus groups have planned protests over the speech, and one of them, FSU’s branch of the socialist Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), is actively pushing the university to ban Shapiro from […]

‘Clown In A Suit’: Rittenhouse Prosecutor Mocked Over Closing Claim Against Self-Defense

Critics slammed and lampooned the lead prosecutor in Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial after the attorney claimed, in his closing arguments, that Rittenhouse’s rifle negated his right to self-defense. Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger addressed the jury on Monday in closing arguments of Rittenhouse’s murder trial, making a last pitch to convince jurors that Rittenhouse was the […]

Oklahoma Bill Would Allow Workers To Sue Employers For $1M Over Harm From Forced Vaccinations

An Oklahoma Senate bill could allow employees of government and private entities to sue their employers for up to $1 million over health problems resulting from forced COVID-19 vaccinations. State Sen. Rob Standridge (R-OK) introduced Senate Bill 1106, the “Citizen Health Mandate Protection Act,” on Friday. The bill would allow employees to sue their employers […]

‘Lies, Hate, And Ice Cream’: Ben & Jerry’s Blasted After Calling Rittenhouse Trial ‘Racist,’ Pushing False Info About Teen

The ice cream manufacturer Ben & Jerry’s weighed in on the Rittenhouse trial last week, spreading false information that sparked mockery and criticism online. “The #RittenhouseTrial displays yet again that our ‘justice’ system is racist. How would this trial be going if he was a Black 17 yr old that crossed state lines illegally carrying […]

Rittenhouse ‘Should Be Acquitted,’ Sue Media For ‘Deliberate And Willful Lies,’ Harvard Professor Says

Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz claimed that Kyle Rittenhouse should be acquitted in his murder trial this week, then sue media organizations for smearing him. Dershowitz appeared on Newsmax on Saturday and said that Rittenhouse, who is on trial for killing two men and wounding a third during riots in Wisconsin last year, should […]

Tom Cotton: High Gas Prices Not ‘Some Accident,’ Biden Pushing Americans To Adopt Green Tech

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) alleged that the Biden administration is creating the conditions for high gas prices to push Americans into adopting green energy technology such as electric cars. Cotton told Breitbart in an interview published Sunday that “it’s not unintended or some accident” that gas prices are rising across the country. Since his first […]

Daily Wire Petition Against Biden Vax Order Hits 500,000

The Daily Wire’s petition against the Biden administration’s order tasking private companies with policing their employees’ COVID-19 health status reached 500,000 signatures on Friday. The petition hit the half a million benchmark about a week after The Daily Wire filed a lawsuit against President Joe Biden over the mandate, which requires all companies with at […]

WaPo Issues Major Corrections To Reports On Steele Dossier

The Washington Post corrected and deleted large portions of old articles on the infamous Steele dossier on Friday after discovering that a key fact in those reports is likely wrong. The Steele dossier is a report compiled by ex-British spy Christopher Steele and funded by Democrats detailing alleged attempts by President Donald Trump’s campaign to […]