Author: Tim Pearce

BREAKING: Rittenhouse Judge Bans MSNBC From Trial After Man Claiming To Be Employee Tails Jury Bus

Judge Bruce Schroeder, the Wisconsin judge overseeing the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, banned MSNBC from the courthouse on Thursday after authorities pulled over a man, who claimed to be employed by MSNBC, tailing the jury’s sealed bus. Schroeder explained the situation to the courtroom after receiving a report that police on Wednesday night had detained […]

Glenn Youngkin Won’t Ban Local COVID-19 Mandates

Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin (R) will not outlaw local COVID-19 mandates when he takes office in January. While the governor-elect will be lifting some state-wide mandates when he gets into office, Youngkin clarified over the weekend that he would not stand in the way of local governments implementing their own COVID-19 restrictions. “Localities are going […]

Barstool Founder Dave Portnoy Promises War On Business Insider: ‘There’s No Way I’m Letting This Go’

Barstool founder Dave Portnoy is going after Business Insider and anyone connected to an article the outlet published on him earlier this month accusing Portnoy of violent sexual misconduct. Portnoy appeared on Tuesday’s episode of “Candace” with Daily Wire host Candace Owens to talk about his battle with Business Insider and the reaction the piece […]

‘We’re Going To Kick The Government’s A**’: Daily Wire CEO Urges Companies To Resist Biden Vax Order:

Daily Wire co-founder and co-CEO Jeremy Boreing urged private companies to resist the Biden administration’s rule forcing private employers to vaccinate or COVID-19 test their employees. Boreing’s message to employers comes after the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced Wednesday morning that it was suspending its rule over pending litigation. The Daily Wire is […]

OSHA Suspends Vax Mandate Following Court Order, Lawsuits

The Biden administration announced on Wednesday that it is suspending its rule forcing private employers to vaccinate or COVID-19 test their employees over pending litigation. The Daily Wire was the first organization to challenge the rule in the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. The court was later chosen via lottery to consolidate and oversee the […]

5 Things To Know About Biden’s Bloated Infrastructure Package

The $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, signed into law by President Joe Biden on Monday, is expected to add billions to the national deficit while expanding Washington’s influence in a flood of unnecessary spending. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act overcame hurdles in Congress with the help of 19 Republicans in the Senate and 13 more […]

BREAKING: FBI Counterterrorism Unit Tracking ‘Threats’ Against School Officials, School Boards, Whistleblower Docs Show

FBI counterterrorism officials are compiling and tracking investigations into “threats” directed at school board members and other school officials, whistleblower documents show. House Judiciary Committee Republicans, led by the committee’s ranking member Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), released a whistleblower email on Tuesday showing that the FBI is using counterterrorism tools to track threats against school […]

WATCH: Top Five Moments Of Ben Shapiro’s Speech At FSU

Daily Wire co-founder and editor emeritus Ben Shapiro spoke at Florida State University on Monday evening, fielding audience questions on topics from transgenderism to the ongoing criminal trials of Kyle Rittenhouse and the men who killed Ahmaud Arbery. The event consisted of a speech from Shapiro and then a lengthy question-and-answer period where members of […]