Author: Tim Pearce

University Vice Chancellor Claims Rittenhouse Verdict A ‘Chilling Message’: Black Lives Don’t Matter

The vice chancellor for equity, diversity, and inclusion at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) claimed in a campus email that the verdict in the Rittenhouse trial conveyed a message that “Neither Black lives nor those of their allies’ matter.” Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted last week of felony charges stemming from a riot in August […]

NYC Moves To Grant 800K Non-citizens Ability To Vote In Local Elections

New York City lawmakers are pushing to open up voting in municipal elections to over 800,000 non-citizen residents, such as green-card holders and others. The City Council is expected to pass legislation, dubbed “Our City, Our Vote,” on December 9, opening up New York City elections and ballot initiatives to the city’s non-citizen population. Approving […]

Criminal Complaint Alleges Waukesha Driver ‘Had No Emotion,’ ‘Appeared To Rapidly Accelerate’ Into Crowd

The alleged driver of a Ford Escape that plowed through dozens of parade participants and spectators on Sunday appeared to have “no emotion on his face” and accelerated toward the crowd, according to a criminal complaint filed against him. Authorities filed the complaint in the Waukesha County district court on Tuesday, detailing the accounts of […]

Daily Wire Responds After Biden Admin Asks To Push Forward On Vax Order: ‘Unleash Procedural Chaos’

The Daily Wire slammed the Biden administration in a legal filing Tuesday responding to the government’s request to lift a stay on federal COVID-19 vaccine and testing requirements for private businesses. The Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a motion in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday requesting a stay on its November 4 […]

Biden Admin Asks Court To Lift Stay On OSHA Mandate, Gives Daily Wire Deadline To Respond

The Biden administration petitioned a federal court Tuesday to immediately lift a stay on the government’s COVID-19 vaccine and testing requirement for private businesses, citing an “ongoing and overwhelming” threat from the illness. The Department of Justice (DOJ) filed its request with the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, picked by lottery last week to consolidate […]

Milwaukee Black Lives Matter Activist Speculates Waukesha Tragedy Linked To Rittenhouse Verdict: ‘Possible That The Revolution Has Started’

A Milwaukee Black Lives Matter activist said a weekend tragedy in Waukesha, Wisconsin, may be the start of a “revolution” over the Rittenhouse verdict. Activist Vaun Mayes said in a Facebook livestream Monday night that the driver of a red Ford Escape may have plowed through a parade, killing at least five and wounding dozens, […]

Rittenhouse Defense Lawyer Rips MSNBC, CNN For Missing ‘Basic Facts’: ‘It Makes Me Angry’

Mark Richards, who successfully defended Kyle Rittenhouse against murder charges last week, slammed MSNBC and CNN on Sunday for botching “basic facts” of Rittenhouse’s case. Richards appeared on NewsNation’s “Banfield” on Sunday with host Ashleigh Banfield to talk about the trial after Rittenhouse was cleared of five felony charges last week. A Wisconsin jury acquitted […]

BREAKING: Wisconsin DA Admits Waukesha Suspect Released On ‘Inappropriately Low’ Bail Before Tragedy

The Milwaukee County District Attorney said Monday that the suspect at the center of Sunday’s Waukesha parade tragedy was released from jail on an “inappropriately low” bail. On Sunday afternoon, the driver of a red Ford Escape plowed through a parade of adults and children, killing at least five and wounding dozens more. The SUV […]