Author: Steven Hayward

Hero of the Week

(Steven Hayward) The latest fad in college campus virtue-signaling is an “indigenous land acknowledgment,” in which a speaker or writer will preface a statement (though typically after declaring their pronouns—got to have the priorities in the correct hierarchy) with “We acknowledge that this university sits on the un-ceded land of the [fill in the local Indian tribe name here].” It has gone beyond pro-forma public announcements in many places, with faculty encouraged

Economic Tidings

(Steven Hayward) • The Wall Street Journal reports this morning: Texas, Arizona Have Recovered All the Jobs Lost When Covid-19 Hit Texas and Arizona have joined two other states in recovering all the jobs they lost at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, leading a trend that is expected to include another dozen states by the middle of this year. The states, which also include Utah and Idaho, have benefited from demographic

Midnight Trains and Daylight Crime

(Steven Hayward) One of the signs that Ronald Reagan noted as an indication that the Soviet Union had entered a state of advanced decrepitude socially and economically were news reports in late 1980 in both the Washington Post and Los Angeles Times about three separate freight trains bound from Moscow to Odessa that simply disappeared, victims apparently of piracy. One wonders whether Russia, currently contemplating reassembling the Soviet empire starting with the Ukraine

King Would Be Expelled From the Civil Rights Movement Today

(Steven Hayward) It is not news that today’s so-called “civil rights movement” has turned fully away from Martin Luther King’s vision of a color-blind America. Today’s evidence comes from Psychology Today magazine: Colorblind Ideology Is a Form of Racism Monnica T Williams Ph.D. At its face value, colorblindness seems like a good thing—really taking MLK seriously on his call to judge people on the content of their character rather than the color

Great Moments in Media Probity

(Steven Hayward) The media consults “experts.” And then get the story completely wrong. There’s a deeper story at work right now, and it is simply this: all the action on constitutional interpretation now is on the right—the reverse of circumstances of the Warren Court era in the 1960s, when elaborate new liberal theories beloved of the “living Constitutionalists” were spinning forth from law schools every day. Today’s reversal is not merely because

Loose Ends (149)

(Steven Hayward) • I’m not a sports fanatic, but I can’t remember ever seeing a quarterback as relaxed in the passing pocket as Josh Allen was in last night’s thrashing of the Patriots. Apparently a record: no punts, no interceptions, no field goals. Touchdowns on every possession. • This video discussing the Tonga volcano eruption is well worth the eight minutes. Some of the satellite pics and ancillary effects are stunning. (If

Loose Ends (148)

(Steven Hayward) • Okay, who had “underwater volcano” on their Bingo card for 2022? • It must be quite difficult to be a New York Times columnist. From today’s Maureen Dowd column: Biden was elected to be Not Trump, to be a comfortable old shoe. He overpromised and underdelivered. People wanted competence and stability and instead we get incompetence and instability. But. . . As hapless as Biden and his coterie are,

The Latest in Racism

(Steven Hayward) Guess what’s racist now? Yes, everything is racist, as we know, but specifically what new thing is racist? Traffic cameras. ProPublica reports: A ProPublica analysis found that traffic cameras in Chicago disproportionately ticket Black and Latino motorists. . . An analysis of millions of citations found that households in majority Black and Hispanic ZIP codes received tickets at around twice the rate of those in white areas between 2015 and

Podcast: The 3WHH On Biden’s Horrible No Good Very Bad Week

(Steven Hayward) Both Steve and Lucretia get through three different whiskys each in this gala episode, recorded with a live audience on Zoom, celebrating the Biden-Harris administration’s worst week in office yet, though as the noted political analyst Homer Simpson might say, “their worst week—so far.” It took Jimmy Carter three years to hit bottom in the summer of 1979, when even The New Republic declared that he had “packed it in”

The Week in Pictures: 10 Year Challenge Edition

(Steven Hayward) What’s with this sudden “Ten Year Challenge” business? And when will it be applied to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (also AOC, in between her busy dating schedule), i.e., in ten years can they come up with a coherent sentence? I’m reminded of the old Will Rogers saying, “It’s no trouble at all being a humorist when you have the whole government working for you.” The good news is that