Author: Stephanie Mencimer

Trump Merch, Rabid Fans, Disgraced Ex-Officials: Inside the Right-Wing Conference Circuit

In 2018, two years before YouTube de-platformed “Dark Web philosopher” and alt-right star Stefan Molyneux for violating its hate speech policies, he was one of the big names featured at the first American Priority Conference in DC. The event was marketed as a free speech extravaganza of Trump-supporting activists and influencers not welcome at more […]

It Was Always Going to Be Alito

Since early May, when Politico published the leaked draft Supreme Court opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization that today overturned Roe v. Wade and rolled back a half-century of reproductive rights, there has been a lot of analysis on how we got here. The easiest points of reference have been the obvious inflection […]

Insurrectionist Tells Judge Her Elite Credentials Should Keep Her Out of Prison

When Simone Gold was making her meteoric rise in the right-wing ecosphere, she never failed to mention in public appearances that she was both an emergency room doctor and a Stanford-educated lawyer. The credentials made her popular among anti-vaxxers, evangelicals, and others who supported her nonprofit, America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS), which she launched in opposition to […]

Here’s One Boat Parade Donald Trump Is Going to Hate

Apparently gas prices were not high enough to keep more than 1,300 boat owners from turning out Saturday in Florida for a boat parade supporting Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis. A flotilla of hundreds of boats traveled down the St. John’s River near Jacksonville during the Florida Republican Party’s quarterly meeting, honoring DeSantis with a type […]