Author: Stephanie Mencimer

DC Has Kicked Butt On Distributing Covid Tests. Why?

Four days before Christmas, my son and I drove to the DC Costco and parked, but instead of going shopping, we walked down the hill and went into a nondescript DC government warehouse. There, we walked around thousands of boxes of Covid testing supplies to join a few dozen other vaccinated and masked DC residents who’d […]

Monsters: The Idiots Defacing Our National Parks

As usual, the staff of Mother Jones is rounding up the heroes and monsters of the past year. Find all of 2021’s heroes and monsters here. The Narrows is one of the most popular areas in Utah’s Zion National Park. Its1,000-foot walls soar above a thin flow of the Virgin River that serves as the only trail […]

Sarah Palin Will Get a COVID Vaccine “Over My Dead Body”

It’s been a while since Sarah Palin has headlined a major political confab, what with time taken up by her busy reality TV schedule, appearing, as she has recently, as a psychedelic teddy bear on “The Masked Singer.”  But this weekend, the former GOP vice presidential candidate and Alaska governor graced the stage of the […]

He Co-Founded the Oath Keepers. Now, He’s Holding State-Approved Trainings for Law Enforcement in Texas.

On a glorious Saturday morning in October, about 75 people are gathered inside an airy warehouse on the wooded grounds of Foam Works, a local insulation company on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The mostly white, middle-aged crowd sports Trump 2024 hats and T-shirts extolling the Second Amendment, but no masks. Parked on the grass outside are cars scrawled […]

Utah Protesters Claim Hospitals Are Killing People Who Have COVID

Greg Johnson is standing on the corner of State Street in suburban Salt Lake City, Utah, holding a neatly stenciled sign that says, “COVID-19 Protocols Killed My Uncle.” Behind him looms the Intermountain Medical Center, the largest hospital in the region. Johnson is one of about 30 people who’ve come to protest Saturday because they believe […]