Author: Scott Johnson

The Biden docs, round 2

(Scott Johnson) NBC News broke the story that a second set of classified documents were found in Joe Biden’s possession at an undisclosed location this past November. The NBC News story is here. The story has now been confirmed and reported roughly everywhere. Among the many accessible stories are those by the AP here and the Washington Post (via JWR) here. I cant’ get enough of it. Here are a few facetious

Jeff Beck, RIP

(Scott Johnson) Guitarist Jeff Beck died on Tuesday at the age of 78. I learned of his death via Jim Farber’s New York Times obituary, which does a good job of covering Beck’s long career in music. The documentary Still On the Run — The Jeff Beck Story (2018) is also out there for viewing and (as I recall) explores his interest in building cars as well as making music. He appeared

Applying Pelosi’s precedent

(Scott Johnson) AP congressional reporter Farnoush Amiri report via Twitter (below) that Speaker Kevin McCarthy will follow through on his promise to remove Reps. Eric Swalwell (Intelligence), Adam Schiff (Intelligence), and Ilhan Omar (Foreign Affairs) from their committee assignments. Of the three, I think Schiff is the worst. He should be tarred and feathered and run out of town for abuse of his position as Intelligence committee chairman to perpetuate the Russia

Biden explains

(Scott Johnson) President Biden held a joint press conference yesterday with Prime Minister Trudeau and President López Obrador in Mexico City. The White House has posted the transcript here. The press conference followed a meeting at the so-called Three Amigos Summit. I would prefer to think of them as the Three Egregios. They are egregiously destructive leaders. North America is in bad hands. Following a reading of prepared statements by the Three

Notes on the Twitter Files (13)

(Scott Johnson) Elon Musk opened the Covid-related records of old (pre-Musk) Twitter to Alex Berenson. Berenson has posted a 29-part Twitter thread conveying his findings. The thread can be accessed here. I have embedded the first tweet in the thread below. 1/ For those of you who’d rather see the whole Gottlieb #TwitterFiles in a thread… here goes! On August 27, 2021, Dr. Scott Gottlieb – a Pfizer director with over 550,000

Biden unclassified

(Scott Johnson) CBS News seems to have broken the story that Vice President Biden left office with classified documents in 2017. The New York Post follows up here. The Washington Post story here (behind the Post paywall) carries the bylines of four reporters. All the stories on the related investigation cite the statement of Biden attorney Richard Sauber. I have tracked down the statement on Twitter (below). Sauber’s statement implicitly distinguishes this

El Paso goes Potemkin

(Scott Johnson) Municipal authorities in El Paso did their best to protect Joe Biden from images of the disaster that has befallen their city thanks to the open border policies implemented by the Biden administration. It’s not that they didn’t want Biden to see what he has done. He knows perfectly well. They wanted to accommodate his desire to keep the underlying story under wraps from the media when they came to

When Elvis met Nixon

(Scott Johnson) I’m traveling this morning and unable to adhere to my schedule for Power Line. For readers who may be unfamiliar with it, I thought I would take the liberty of revisiting the story of Elvis’s 1970 White House visit in connection with our celebration of the anniversary of his birth yesterday. Yesterday I focused on Elvis’s recorded work while acknowledging Peter Guralnick’s two-volume biography of Elvis — Last Train to

A Twitter Files footnote (6)

(Scott Johnson) In following the multiple installments of the Twitter Files written by several hands, it is not easy to grasp the big picture. Lee Smith has formulated a sort of unified field theory of social media penetration by the law enforcement and intelligence agencies of the United States. He makes his case in the Tablet column “How the FBI hacked Twitter.” The Twitter Files themselves make for a part of the

Sunday morning coming down

(Scott Johnson) Today is the anniversary of the birth of Elvis Presley in 1935. I wrote this post and compiled the videos below last year to note the occasion, but today is the day. I don’t want to let it go without another look back in this slightly revised form. The Beatles turned me on to the music. It took me a long time to hear the music of Elvis Presley with