Author: Scott Johnson

When the filibuster was good!

(Scott Johnson) When it comes to the Senate filibuster, I think in clichés. The hypocrisy of the Democrats’ effort to limit it last week is rank. Hypocrisy, however, is the mother’s milk of democratic politics. Hypocrisy is not the tribute that vice pays to virtue in this case. It reflects the feeling that we want to get our way. Embedding the feeling in high principle is funny its own way. In my

A footnote on “Troubles”

(Scott Johnson) In my brief comments on Rebecca Donner’s All the Frequent Troubles of Our Days, I skated over Donner’s treatment of the Harnacks’ communism and espionage on behalf of the Soviet Union. The Harnacks’ communism is implicit and their espionage explicit in the narrative. I found Donner’s treatment of Mildred’s communism far more forthcoming than Erik Larson’s treatment of the same issue with respect to Martha Dodd in his Garden of

“All the frequent troubles of our days”

(Scott Johnson) Although the text of the book runs to nearly 500 pages, I consumed All the Frequent Troubles of Our Days in three big gulps. I found it a powerful and moving book that was hard to put down. If you want to know what it was like to live in Berlin during the Nazis’ rise to power through the first few years of the war, author Rebecca Donner offers a

Susan Vass: Remembering Louie Anderson

(Scott Johnson) When I read the sad news that St. Paul native Louie Anderson died today at the age of 68, I asked our own Susan Vass (a/k/a Ammo Grrlll) if she could provide a personal remembrance. Susan writes: My heart is heavy today. My husband Joe and I were just recovering from learning that Oregon Muse, a co-blogger on Ace of Spades, had died of COVID. We did not know him

Our drunk sheriff and the SUV he rode in on: An update

(Scott Johnson) I wrote about the saga of Hennepin County Dave Hutchinson two weeks ago in “Our drunk sheriff and the SUV he rode in on.” Incredibly, Hutchinson is still the sheriff of Hennepin County. In the latest update to the story, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety released an investigative file including video and photos from the scene of Hutchinson’s DWI crash in Alexandria last month. See, for example, this CBS

Thoughts from the ammo line

(Scott Johnson) Ammo Grrrll isn’t the only grrrll who’s TANNED, RESTED AND READY TO RUMBLE. She writes: Purveyors of slip cover, shower curtain, and drapery fabric, hide your wares! In this Bare Shelves Biden Era those fabrics are in grave danger of being expropriated to be made into ugly new campaign pantsuits for Sir Edmund’s fake namesake! Third time’s the charm! Hillary is back and ready for the rematch of the Century.

The Bensman preview

(Scott Johnson) Todd Bensman is senior national security fellow with the Center for Immigration Studies. CIS has posted his profile here along with links to his writings. Most recently, Bensman has traveled to Tapachula, Mexico to report on the wave of illegals headed our way from all over the world. His January 17 report from Tapachula is “Mexico’s Duplicitous ‘Ant Operation’ Moved Tens of Thousands to the U.S. Border Sight Unseen —

A senile phantasmagoria

(Scott Johnson) Yesterday President Biden held a rare press conference to observe the first anniversary of his tenure in office. I assess Biden’s press conference yesterday the worst ever — the worst presidential press conference, that is. The White House has posted the transcript here. I have embedded the C-SPAN video below. He went on for nearly two hours. The longer it went, the worse he got. He defamed Republicans. He defamed

Judge Magnuson: Covid trumps

(Scott Johnson) In my post this morning on the imminent federal trial of the three Minneapolis police officers charged in the case of George Floyd, I mentioned the media restrictions imposed by Judge Paul Magnuson. Ballard Spahr attorney Leita Walker sent a five-page letter on behalf of 18 media clients (the Star Tribune, the New York Times, the AP, CBS, Fox, et al.) objecting to the restrictions directly to Judge Magnuson. In

The George Floyd trials, cont’d

(Scott Johnson) Tomorrow jury selection is set to commence in the federal trial of Derek Chauvin’s three former fellow Minneapolis police officers before senior Minnesota federal district judge Paul Magnuson in St. Paul. The three officers are Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane, and Tou Thao. They are charged with violating the civil rights of George Floyd in the arrest that resulted in his death. As everyone knows, Derek Chauvin was convicted of the