Author: Santul Nerkar

Were The Stimulus Checks A Mistake?

It wasn’t long ago that the U.S. economy needed a shot in the arm. Millions of Americans had lost their jobs as the country shut itself down to slow the spread of a deadly virus. At the time, policymakers, advocates and economists agreed that Americans needed immediate relief — and so they quickly acted on […]

What Democrats And Republicans Get Wrong About Inflation

Americans are pessimistic about one of the weirdest economies in recent memory, and their negativity is largely due to inflation. The Bureau of Labor Statistics announced today that prices increased 7.5 percent year-over-year in January 2022, the highest figure since 1982, and as such, more expensive milk, furniture and cars — and the fear that […]

Why Biden Can’t Win On Inflation

It was the summer of 1979, and President Jimmy Carter was up against it. Americans were paying far more for gas and groceries than they were the year before, and Carter was confronted with a choice: He could tell Americans that this was a problem the government could fix, or he could tell them to […]

When It Comes To China, Biden Sounds A Lot Like Trump

President Biden hasn’t been shy about undoing the legacy of his immediate predecessor. It was a rallying cry of his presidential campaign, and as such it has defined his first eight months in office. On Biden’s first day in the White House, he signaled climate change would once again be a top issue by bringing […]