Author: Russ Choma

Erdogan Wins Reelection in Turkey, to Trump’s Delight

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan won reelection on Sunday, cementing his grip on power. First elected in 2003 as prime minister, Erdogan has reshaped Turkey from its secular moderate democratic system to a more religious and increasingly authoritarian power structure. Erdogan’s rule has complicated Turkey’s relationships with Western leaders—he is currently impeding Sweden’s entrance into […]

Here’s What’s in the McCarthy-Biden Deal on the Debt Ceiling

President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said this weekend that they had reached a deal in principle to raise the debt ceiling, but as of Sunday afternoon, lawmakers were still waiting to see the text of the deal to be voted on. The agreement reportedly includes a debt ceiling extension through 2025—sparing the […]

Trump’s Tirades Couldn’t Save Ken Paxton From Impeachment

The Republican-controlled Texas House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly on Saturday to impeach Republican Texas attorney general Ken Paxton. Paxton, a conservative star who has made a name as a culture warrior and MAGA firebrand, was impeached on multiple articles including bribery and abuse of public trust. The impeachment vote went through easily—121 to 23—with the […]

Donald Trump Can’t Keep His Mouth Shut. It’s Getting Him in Trouble.

Donald Trump was summoned to appear Tuesday before a Manhattan judge, who warned the former president that he could face additional legal trouble if publicly rants about the evidence against him in his criminal fraud case—a reccurring problem during the E. Jean Carroll sexual assault lawsuit earlier this month. Trump’s virtual appearance was brief, and […]

Krysten Sinema Says She Won’t Become a Republican

Arizona senator Krysten Sinema, who this winter changed her party affiliation to independent , says she may be done with the Democrats, but she’s not about to become a Republican either. Speaking on CBS’ Face The Nation on Sunday morning, Sinema described both parties as “broken.” Sinema began her career in politics as a left-wing […]

Nine Dead in Mass Shooting at Texas Mall

A gunman murdered at least eight people on Saturday afternoon, opening fire at an outdoor mall in a suburb of Dallas, Texas. The gunman was killed by a police officer on the scene.  The shooting, which is to date the second-deadliest mass-shooting of the year, happened mid-afternoon at the outlet mall where large crowds of […]