Author: Russ Choma

Russian Oligarchs Are Hurrying Their Jets and Yachts to Safety. America Is Letting Them.

For years, Russian oligarchs have prepared for the possibility that Western governments might try to come after their wealth. Thanks to decades of relatively lax regulations on plane registration and boat ownership, many of Vladimir Putin’s closest allies are now rushing their most valuable assets to safety. It shouldn’t be difficult to seize—or at least […]

After 30 Years of Taking Their Money, It May Be Too Late for the West to Get Putin’s Oligarchs

Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has put the issue of international corruption front and center, sparking conversations and regulatory changes that policymakers in Washington and European capitals had put aside for decades. But unless the Biden administration and its European allies act fast, the chance to punish Russian oligarchs and others close to Putin could slip […]

The Trumps Must Comply With Subpoenas, Judge Rules

A New York judge ruled Thursday afternoon that former President Donald Trump and two of his children—Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr.—must comply with subpoenas issued by New York Attorney General Letitia James as part of her ongoing civil investigation into whether Trump and his company committed bank and insurance fraud. James has been scrutinizing […]

NY Attorney General: Evidence Suggests Trump “Fraudulently Valued” His Assets

New York Attorney General Letitia James has escalated her investigation into former President Donald Trump’s business practices, telling a judge that she has evidence that the Trump Organization gave lenders and insurance companies incorrect information about the value of his properties for years and that she now needs the court’s help to force Trump and his […]

Donald Trump Sues New York AG Tish James for Asking Too Many Questions

Donald Trump on Monday filed a lawsuit against New York Attorney General Letitia James that essentially accuses of her of investigating him too vigorously. The lawsuit asks a judge to stop James’ long-running civil investigation into the Trump Organization’s finances and punish the AG for her “callous acts” that have supposedly deprived Trump, his company, […]