Author: Monica Potts

How Limiting Access To Abortion Limits Access To Birth Control

Planned Parenthood has been controversial since its 1916 founding, but the latest wave of political battles against it began in earnest in 2007, when then-Rep. Mike Pence introduced an amendment to a House of Representatives’ appropriations bill to block federal funds from going to the organization’s nationwide network of reproductive health clinics. Planned Parenthood was […]

What Ireland’s Past Can Tell Us About A Post-Roe America

Before 2018, most women in the Republic of Ireland were able to get abortions only if they traveled to a clinic in England or Wales or had a self-managed abortion at home, but figuring out how to do either of those options was difficult. Information on abortion was censored in the first years of the […]

The Work-From-Home Era Left Them Out

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Veronica wasn’t sure how the new disease she’d heard about on the news would affect her. It seemed unreal. She and her friends had just been joking about a game on the Google Play Store, in which the goal was to wipe out humanity with a deadly […]

Are Americans Unhappy?

By any measure, the past two years have been rough. This month, we marked the two-year anniversary of the nation’s first shutdowns to stop the spread of COVID-19. The coronavirus pandemic has caused more than 6 million global deaths since its beginning, including nearly a million in the United States, and continues to kill hundreds […]

Why Americans Are Unlikely to Support A War in Ukraine

It’s hard to remember now that it’s over, but the war in Afghanistan was overwhelmingly popular when it began.  Merely a week after Sept. 11, then-president George W. Bush signed a joint resolution from Congress authorizing the use of force against those responsible, and the U.S. and British, with international support, began bombing Taliban and […]