Author: Michael Knowles

Is The Buffalo Shooter Far-Right Or Far-Left?

The horrific shooting that left ten people dead in a Buffalo supermarket on Saturday has triggered a familiar political routine. First, the media determined that the massacre fit their preferred narrative: A white racist targeted and killed black victims. Had the attack differed in these details, the media would have ignored it, as they did …

Whatever You Do, Don’t Call Them Biolabs!

As Vladimir Putin’s bloody campaign to conquer Ukraine approaches its fourth week, a new variable has complicated the crisis: bioweapons. Russian propagandists have alleged that Ukraine coordinated with the United States to “develop ethnically targeted biological weapons” — whatever that means — near the Russian border. Chinese propagandists amplified the Russian claims, alleging that the …

A Chicken In Every Pot And A Crack Pipe In Every Mouth

In accordance with Executive Order 13985, which President Biden issued on his inauguration day, the Department of Health and Human Services will ‘advance racial equity’ through the purchase of “safe smoking kits,” better known as crackpipes. The Biden administration did not explain how subsidizing the use of narcotics would accomplish its stated goal of “advancing …

What The Pro-Abortion Movement Gets Right

The following speech was delivered at the National Students For Life Summit in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, January 2, 2022 Forty-nine years. It has been forty-nine years since Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided. Since that time there have been forty-nine marches for life. Now many pro-life advocates are asking themselves if there will be …

America’s Real Injustice: Under-Incarceration

The following is converted from a speech delivered to the Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University as part of Young America Foundation’s Logan Family lecture series on December 6, 2021. Criminal gangs are looting stores all over the West Coast. Violent crime is on the rise all over the country. Assault is up. Rape has …

There’s Always Going To Be Another Variant

Just when you thought it was safe to live your life again, a new coronavirus variant has emerged. “Omicron,” the fifteenth letter of the Greek alphabet and thirteenth iteration of COVID-19, which conspicuously skipped over the letter “Xi”, threatens to keep us all locked down just a little bit longer to “slow the spread” and […]

The Rise Of The CR-Tea Party

Terry McAuliffe didn’t “think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” Virginia parents didn’t think Terry McAuliffe should be governor. On Tuesday night, they elected Glenn Youngkin. The Republican establishment appears to have missed the message. “Americans don’t want Socialism. PASS IT ON,” declared House Republican leadership in response to Youngkin’s victory. But […]

The “Safe” And “Effective” Vaccines

Last month, the Biden administration encouraged Americans to take an additional COVID-19 shot as soon as the third week of September. Last week, the FDA rejected boosters for the general public in a 16-3 vote. The vaccines are so effective that they require boosters and so safe that the FDA refuses to approve the booster for […]

KNOWLES: Why I Don’t ‘Trust The Science’

Last Thursday, nine months after promising not to mandate vaccination against the Chinese coronavirus, President Joe Biden mandated vaccination against the Chinese coronavirus. Yet while the president may have lied to the American people, he did so for the noblest of reasons: he “followed the science.” Conservatives may not trust Democrat politicians, one concedes, but […]