Author: Martine Powers

Boris makes his Brexit

It’s official: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has resigned. We review the scandals that led Johnson here and try to understand what happens next for his party. Then we discuss WNBA star Brittney Griner’s guilty plea and why it’s not surprising….

Too liberal for California?

Today on “Post Reports,” we take a hard look at California’s strange primary election season to see how Democrats across the country are testing the viability of their beliefs – and whether some may be losing patience with leftward ideas.

99 days of war in Ukraine

Today on Post Reports, we bring you to the front line of the war in Ukraine, as Russian forces encircle Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region. Plus, a teenager coming of age in the war finds purpose in helping fellow displaced Ukrainians.

Georgia’s Trump question

On Tuesday Republican voters in Georgia will choose between candidates who supported Trump’s claims that the election was stolen and those who did not. The results may say a lot about election integrity in 2022 — and the state of the GOP nationwide.

The changing face of J.D. Vance

This Tuesday, Ohioans will vote in the primary ahead of this fall’s midterm elections. Today on “Post Reports,” we’re talking about the transformation of one candidate from never-Trumper to Trump’s pick for Ohio’s open Senate seat.