Author: Madison Pauly

Will One Controversial Texas Judge Outlaw the Most Popular Form of Abortion for the Whole Country?

For weeks, abortion rights advocates have been waiting for a potential bombshell: A conservative federal judge in Texas is expected to effectively outlaw the most popular method of abortion nationwide. Now, the day may finally be here. Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk, a Donald Trump appointee affiliated with the religious right, scheduled a hearing in the lawsuit challenging […]

Democratic Attorneys General Sue the FDA to Drop “Onerous” Abortion Pill Restrictions

A dozen Democratic state attorneys general have opened a new front in the legal war over mifepristone, the “gold standard” medication used in the majority of all US abortions. In a federal lawsuit filed Thursday, the AGs—from states including Arizona, Illinois, and Washington—accuse the Food and Drug Administration of imposing unnecessarily “onerous” restrictions on mifepristone, which is used […]

Marianne Williamson is the Only Democrat Running for President—For Now

At this moment, there’s only one confirmed Democratic candidate for president in 2024: Marianne Williamson. The self-help author, New Age guru, and spiritual adviser to Oprah Winfrey confirmed her candidacy in a Facebook post on Saturday, writing that she was running for president a second time to “bring an aberrational chapter of our history to a […]

Hero of 2022: Those LA Police Funding Billboards

About a month after President Joe Biden declared in his State of the Union address that the answer to crime is to “fund the police, fund them, fund them,” a mint green billboard appeared above a gas station one block from a northern Los Angeles Police Department precinct. Passerby who happened to look up learned that […]

Abortion Rights Are a Winning Strategy

In state after state on Election Day, voters sent a resounding message: “Abortion rights matter to us.” They didn’t only matter in California and Vermont, where voters chose to guarantee abortion rights in their state constitutions. They mattered in deep-red Kentucky, where voters shot down a “no right to abortion” amendment that would have blocked the […]

The GOP Is Trying to Throw Out Thousands of Votes in Detroit—Again

Absentee ballot processing is kicking off today in Michigan, and the Trump-backed candidate running to become the state’s top election official is already trying to throw out tens of thousands votes—specifically in the Democratic stronghold of Detroit, which is 78 percent Black. Kristine Karamo, an election denier whose Secretary of State campaign is supported by the […]