Author: Luke Rosiak

Grand Jury Finds Virginia School Bathroom Rape Handling Worse Than Known, Rips Officials’ ‘Intentional Amnesia’

A Virginia grand jury investigating the Loudoun County Public Schools’ apparent rape cover-up lambasted school officials, and suggested that it might have indicted the school district’s lawyer for witness tampering if such a crime existed under Virginia law. The nine-person panel disclosed for the first time that a teacher’s aide walked into the bathroom while a ninth-grade girl was being anally raped and saw two pairs of feet in one stall, but did nothing; and that the superintendent told a “bald-faced lie” to conceal it during a hearing on transgender policy.

Coronavirus Loan Fraud Prevention Fell To ‘Unvetted’ Firms That Profited Hugely While Ignoring Fraud, Congress Finds

Anti-fraud policing in the coronavirus PPP program was often subcontracted to small firms who promised to use tech voodoo to prevent fraud, but who actually let obvious fraud through and boasted that they had little incentive to stop fraud because the risk was to taxpayers, not their own bottom line, according to a congressional investigation.

Feds Pay Journalism Group $5M To Create Software To Turn People Into Anti-‘Misinformation’ Bots

The federal government has awarded $5 million to a group of journalists called Hacks/Hackers to develop software that will encourage regular Americans to confront their friends when they make “harmful” posts, and “correct misinformation” by replying with text suggested by the software. The group is also organizing Wikipedia censors to determine who is a “credible source” on vaccines, and block anyone else from being cited on the online encyclopedia. Job ads for the project do not require that applicants have any expertise in medicine.

JetBlue Won’t Hire The Unvaxxed, But Hired Violent Felon To Fly Planes

Some JetBlue pilots are outraged after the airline hired a violent felon to fly planes even as it refuses to hire people who haven’t taken the COVID vaccine, citing safety. Two pilots told The Daily Wire that JetBlue has hired John Perrys, who served nine years in prison for breaking into the home of a judge and attacking his daughter as she left the shower. JetBlue’s job applications say “As part of our commitment to health and safety, COVID-19 vaccines are required for all JetBlue employees. New hire employees must be fully vaccinated prior to the start of training.”

News Outlets Expose Themselves As Tech-Illiterate By Taking Years To Authenticate Hunter’s Laptop

For anyone with basic computer programming knowledge, it needed to take only minutes to conclusively say that emails on the laptop are authentic. An anti-spam measure called DKIM lets the possessor of an email ask the sender’s server whether it really sent a message with the given text in order to prevent spammers from impersonating others. Your email provider likely runs this check instantaneously anytime you open an email.

Watchdog’s Damning Report On War In Afghanistan Details Two-Decade Debacle

The United States squandered $145 billion in Afghanistan by assuming that the struggle was between the Taliban and supporters of democracy, when in fact some who opposed the Taliban were simply war criminals and child molesters from competing factions; by propping up a former World Economic Forum official who, as president, was arrogant and naïve; and by losing the trust of locals after it turned out that some services like speedy justice and border security were provided more efficiently under the Taliban than under Western-influenced bureaucracies.

With Divided Congress, A Game Of Chicken For How Aggressively Republicans Wield Power Of The Purse Begins

With the Nevada Senate race called for Catherine Masto Cortez, Democrats have captured control of the U.S. Senate, with Republicans gaining control of the House of Representatives, per Decision Desk following following Rep. Kevin Kiley’s (R-CA) win. With or without the Senate, House control means that conservatives can stop many of the excesses of Joe Biden’s …