Author: Kiera Butler

All the US Convoy Extremists Need Now Is Some Actual Truckers

As the antivaccine protests in Canada drag on, American groups are furiously planning their own domestic versions of the truck convoys. As I wrote last week, organizing efforts are gathering steam on the social media platform Telegram, where group leaders with white nationalist ties are delivering marching orders to thousands of followers—many of whom appear […]

These Doctors’ Groups Are Cheering On the Anti-Vax Convoys

The city of Ottawa is under siege for the third week in a row, as anti-vaccine protesters continue to paralyze the downtown business district. Last week, I wrote about how white nationalist organizers in Southern California are planning similar protests in the United States, and how their followers appear to be mostly parents. There were […]

If You’re Wondering Who’s Paying for All That Ivermectin—You Are

Doctors have known for more than a year now that the antiparasitic drug ivermectin isn’t effective against Covid. The FDA has explicitly warned against prescribing it to Covid patients, but many physicians still do—and public and private insurance companies are paying for it. A study published earlier this month in the Journal of the American Medical Association […]

Were the Ultra-Conservative “Mama Bears” Youngkin’s Secret Weapon?

In his victory speech on Tuesday night, the victorious Republican nominee, Virginia Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin, expressed gratitude to all the usual suspects—campaign volunteers, colleagues, and voters. But afterward, as he made his way through the crowd at his campaign headquarters, Youngkin thanked another group: “Way to go, mama bears!” he said. “You guys were awesome.” […]

We Debunk 5 Anti-Vax Myths About Kids’ COVID-19 Vaccines

On Tuesday, the Food and Drug Administration’s advisory committee recommended that the agency authorize Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for kids ages 5-11. That approval could come any day now—listen closely, and you may hear a collective sigh of relief emanating from millions of parents. But not everyone is celebrating: Anti-vaccine activists are already planting seeds of […]