Author: Julia Silverman

Lawmakers consider bill to expand access to gender-affirming and reproductive health care

A wide-ranging bill that would expand access to reproductive and gender-affirming health care drew a charged and emotional crowd to the Oregon Legislature on Monday.Both the proponents and opponents who appeared in front of the House Behavioral Health and Health Care committee zeroed in on provisions of House Bill 2002 that would impact minors and their right to seek medical treatments, including a provision that would formally prohibit medical providers from informing parents if a minor sought an abortion and wanted to keep it private.

Franklin High School closes for a day after gunfire erupts nearby

One of Portland’s largest high schools was closed to students Friday morning, after the campus was shaken by the sound of gunfire nearby on Thursday afternoon.A spokesman for the Portland Police Bureau confirmed that no students or staff members were injured in the incident at Southeast 54th Avenue and Tibbetts Street, about a block south of Franklin High School and a few blocks away from Atkinson Elementary School.