Author: John Stossel

Florida’s Roadmap to Living with COVID

Omicron spreads. The media say, “Governments must act!”

Many have, bringing back mask mandates and closing schools.

Do these rules work?


My new video shows why Florida’s approach is better.

Gov. Ron DeSantis ended pandemic restrictions last sp…

Andrew Yang Proposes a Way Forward

Independents are now America’s largest group of voters. 

After George Bush’s presidency, fewer people called themselves Republicans. After Obama’s, fewer called themselves Democrats. 

How will these independents vote? 

Andrew Yang hopes they’ll vote…

Deadly Delays in Treatment

COVID-19 deaths are up. Politicians tell us to wear masks and get vaccinated.

Amid the fear, I’m surprised that we haven’t heard more about two drugs that could make COVID-19 much less of a threat.

In blind tests, Pfizer’s Paxlovid was found to reduc…

Public vs Private: Park Edition

People want “public” rather than “private.”

Public is … free, right? Wide open. Sharing. Available to everyone. All good things.

“Private” is … selfish, closed, for the rich.

Clearly, public must be better.

But then why do the words “public toi…

The Fact-BLOCKERS Aren’t Stopping Anytime Soon

I’ve reported how Facebook censors me.

Now I’ve learned that they also censor environmentalist Michael Shellenberger, statistician Bjorn Lomborg and former New York Times columnist John Tierney.

Facebook’s “fact-checkers” claim we spread “misinformat…

The Law Blocking Care for Special Needs Kids

“Why does Louisiana have the right to stop me from doing what I love to do?” asks Ursula Newell-Davis in my new video.

Newell-Davis has helped people. She’s a social worker who’s worked with kids with special needs for 20 years. She’s really good at i…

Let Parents Choose What’s Best

As Virginia’s gubernatorial election drew to a close last week, Democrat Terry McAuliffe brought in teachers union president Randi Weingarten.

He thought that would help?

I suppose he, like many progressives, believes everyone thinks the way he does….

Lessons from Venezuela

Democrats say President Joe Biden won “a strong mandate.” His government can do all sorts of good things!

I don’t believe he has a mandate, but thanks to the selfishness of former President Donald Trump, Democrats control Congress, and that may give t…