Author: John Stossel

Never Admit Anything

President Joe Biden says he never talked business with his son.

Maybe he didn’t.

Maybe that Ukrainian gas company paid Hunter Biden half a million dollars because he has unique business skills that no one else noticed.

It’s possible.

But unlikely.

The Truth About Taking Refugees

Millions flee Ukraine.

Where will they go?

Some want to come to America. But doing that legally is hard. A complex system is supposed to determine which people deserve to get in line to get in.

“The line is broken,” explains Reason Magazine editor a…

The Renewable Energy Fail

The “Greens” promise renewables, solar and wind power, will replace fossil fuels. After all, the wind and sun are free, and they don’t pollute!


Now countries that embraced renewables are so desperate for power that they eagerly import coal, the…

Freezing Bank Accounts Violates Freedom

Russia’s invasion revealed big differences in how politicians deal with threats.

The president of Ukraine, when offered evacuation, said, “I need ammunition, not a ride.” He’s a leader.

By contrast, in Canada a few weeks before, when truckers staged …

Woke Medicine at the AMA

The American Medical Association now tells doctors: Use woke language! It’s issued a 54-page guide telling doctors things like, don’t say “equality”; say “equity.” Don’t say “minority”; say “historically marginalized.”

Much of the AMA’s advisory sound…

They’re Going to Stop Trying to Cancel Joe

Joe Rogan is amazing.

Five years ago, I left Fox to start Stossel TV. I left because I was frustrated by live TV. Guests talked so much but said little.

I now produce videos like the ones I used to do on “20/20.” I like having a month or more to do r…

Hypocritical Businesses Bow to China

Companies tell us they support justice.

“Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything,” says former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick in a Nike ad.

“Speak for the people who may not be able to be heard,” says the NBA.

“Corporate PR…

Bad Government Brings Bad Inflation

Inflation is the worst in 40 years.

The price of cars is up 37%. Gas is up 49%.

During the last few years, as politicians spent ever more money, experts told us not to worry.

Jerome Powell, chair of the Federal Reserve, said inflation would be “tran…

Sick Cities and Why Progressives Ruin Them

San Francisco’s liberal mayor declared a “state of emergency” to try to deal with the city’s “nasty streets.”

How did it get so bad?

Journalist Michael Shellenberger’s new book, “San Fransicko,” argues that it happened because of progressive ideas.