Author: John Stossel

Socialism Ruins The Environment

“Greed of the fossil fuel industry” is “destroying our planet,” says Sen. Bernie Sanders. Young people agree. Their solution? Socialism.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says socialism creates “an environment that provides for all people, not just the pr…

I Confront a Professor on His Marxist Teaching

Some schools are ditching traditional grading.

Instead, they use “labor-based grading,” an idea promoted by Arizona State University professor Asao Inoue.

Labor-based grading means basing grades more on effort than the quality of work.

In addition, …

After Three Years, I Finally Caught COVID

When I swallow, knives cut my throat.

I cough and sometimes can’t stop. That’s frightening.

I caught COVID.

Dodged it three years. But this week, I suddenly felt lousy, and a home test said: “positive.” The thermometer said: 101.8.

No big deal, I t…

Not All Students Are Woke Socialists

Government imposes a million rules. Americans seem to want more!

Leftists want new gun laws and bans on single-use plastics, gas stoves, fossil fuels, gas-powered cars, nuclear power.

Conservatives want to ban porn and books that discuss gender ident…