Author: Jeremy Schulman

Is the Democratic Party Proving Andrew Yang’s Point?

When Andrew Yang rolled out a revamped version of his Forward Party last week, it was met with widespread derision from center-left commentators. Much of that criticism was fair. There’s a good chance that his new organization will do little more than siphon votes away from Democrats in hotly contested races against MAGA candidates. There’s […]

Cowardice Is No Longer an Excuse

As gun violence ravages communities and the country reels from a string of horrific mass shootings, Americans have been left with an all-too-familiar question: Will our lawmakers finally do something to stop the carnage? We’ve been here before, many times; we’ve watched as Republicans (and some Democrats) bowed to pressure from the National Rifle Association […]

Hero: Liz Cheney

As usual, the staff of Mother Jones is rounding up the heroes and monsters of the past year. Find all of 2021’s heroes and monsters here. Back in 2010, when Liz Cheney launched a McCarthyite witch hunt against the “Al Qaeda Seven,” she was met with a barrage of criticism from appalled members of her own party. At the time, a […]