Author: Jeffrey Lord

Woke Disney Hypocrisy In Florida

Unreal. Florida has passed a “Parental Rights in Education bill” – and the Disney corporation, which of course has Disney World in Orlando, is livid. The left has, all too predictably, nicknamed the bill the “Don’t Say Gay” legislation.

Disney, mind y…

When the Media Gave Russia a Pass

Over there in The Washington Free Beacon was an astute analysis by Drew Holden that reminds just how in the tank the liberal media is for all things Left.

In this case, Holden recalls the now infamous  2012 presidential debate between President Obama …

Amid Multiple Scandals, Is CNN Imploding?

Put me down as astonished.

Over there at CNN – where I hung my contributor’s hat for 2 years (2015-2017) – it amazingly seems as if the place is imploding.

As the world now knows, CNN president Jeff Zucker resigned this week, the news a bombshell in …