Author: Jeffrey Lord

Amid Multiple Scandals, Is CNN Imploding?

Put me down as astonished.

Over there at CNN – where I hung my contributor’s hat for 2 years (2015-2017) – it amazingly seems as if the place is imploding.

As the world now knows, CNN president Jeff Zucker resigned this week, the news a bombshell in …

Hypocritical CNN Pushes Anti-Democracy Rant

Well this takes the cake. Over there at CNN’s web site, journalist and author Jill Filipovic’s seriously projectionist rant accusing House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy and his fellow Republicans of seeking to “undermine” American democracy when it …

The State of the Media Is Not Good

To borrow from the late President Gerald Ford, the state of the media as 2022 opens is not good.

Recall that Ford was happily sailing along politically in 1973 as the House Republican Leader in the Nixon era. He was the Kevin McCarthy of his day.


The Liberal Media’s Bah Humbug Year

Call it the liberal media’s Scrooge-style  “bah humbug” of a year – and a few years before that.

Take a Google and find headline after headline like these from the recent past up until now:

The Columbia Journalism Review – 2018:

Most Americans say …