Author: James West

Let’s Travel to a Magical Land Where a Party Stands Up to Its Buffoonish Leader

The Trump-BoJo comparisons were always fun but ultimately a bit facile. The cartoonish hair. The buffoonish act. The lying. The shameless pursuit of self-promotion at any cost. Both were labeled “populists” who ruthlessly ruled their parties. But history will show that today’s the day these easy similarities ended: Boris Johnson, amid dozens of cabinet resignations […]

Australian Election Results: Revenge of the Barbecued Koalas

It was a koala massacre. Two years ago, Australia’s worst wildfire crisis left an unprecedented number of the country’s cherished wildlife charred or dead, among them tens of thousands of koalas. Photos of our iconic marsupial with barbecued paws shocked the world. In large parts of Eastern Australia, koalas are now endangered. On Saturday, as […]

Guilty: Jury Convicts Insurrectionist in First January 6 Trial

The first criminal trial of a January 6 insurrectionist has reached its dramatic conclusion: Guilty on all counts. Guy Reffitt, a Three Percenter militia member who wore a helmet and body armor as he confronted police defending the Capitol, was found guilty of obstructing the certification of President Joe Biden’s 2020 victory. The 41-year-old Texan […]

“Dagger at the Throat of Democracy”: Watch Biden’s Impassioned Jan. 6 Anniversary Speech

Speaking on Monday from the National Statuary Hall at the Capitol, which one year ago today witnessed the worst attack on American government since 1814, President Joe Biden passionately condemned the “lies and madness” that drove the January 6 insurrection—calling out president Trump and his supporters for putting “a dagger at the throat of American […]

Noisy NYC Anti-Vaccine Protests Are Hiding a Simple Fact

Rowdy protests. Trash thrown at the Mayor’s mansion. Suspensions following threats to state Senate staffers. With the pushback against New York City’s vaccine mandate among a relatively small number of government employees grabbing headlines all week, it might have been easy to miss one simple fact: The mandates are working. While 26,000 people missed Friday’s […]