Author: Jackie Flynn Mogensen

Liz Cheney Is Set on Keeping “Election Deniers” Out of Office—Including Donald Trump

After losing reelection in Wyoming this week, Rep. Liz Cheney has set her sights on a new target: keeping “election deniers” out of office, starting with former president Donald Trump. In a wide-ranging interview with ABC’s This Week aired on Sunday morning, Cheney told host Jonathan Karl about her plans to start a political organization […]

An Explosive New Report Could Upend More than a Decade of Alzheimer’s Research. How Did This Happen?

More than 15 years ago, researchers at the University of Minnesota announced they had made a breakthrough: When they purified a protein from the brains of genetically modified mice and injected it into rats, it would cause the rats to develop symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s disease in humans—the first time anyone had directly linked a […]

Don’t Be Afraid to Say “Masturbate,” and 5 Other Tips for Talking About Monkeypox

As far as viruses go, monkeypox has proven especially challenging to talk about. First, there’s the name, “monkeypox,” which a growing number of health experts say is misleading and derogatory. Then there’s the stigma around sex: While monkeypox is known to spread through skin-to-skin contact of all kinds, officials suspect the disease is commonly spreading during […]

While All Eyes Were on Covid, HIV Researchers Were Making Progress on “The Holy Grail of Vaccines”

It’s been an unprecedented two years for science, to put it mildly. We’ve seen a new virus spread across the world, entire cities go on lockdown, a devastating 6 million deaths globally (and counting), and in record time, the development of a life-saving vaccine. It’s no stretch to say that for anyone living on Earth, Covid […]

The US Monkeypox Response Is Not Going Well. Did We Learn Nothing From Covid?

Two months after monkeypox reemerged in the United States this year, health officials and physicians are reporting delays and limited availability of tests, vaccines, and treatments against the virus. For many working in healthcare, it’s déjà vu. At the start of the Covid pandemic, you may recall, the federal government struggled to provide Covid testing […]