Author: Isabela Dias

The High-Stakes Immigration Case Before the Supreme Court Isn’t Just About Immigration

Can the Biden administration end a Trump-era policy that forced thousands of asylum seekers and migrants to wait in Mexico for their immigration court dates in the United States? That’s the question at the center of Biden v. Texas, the high-stakes case before the Supreme Court where oral arguments were heard on Tuesday. The justices are expected to rule […]

The Agonizing Life of a College Student in Ukraine

A week before Russia invaded Ukraine, Azad Mamedov’s father, feeling the war could break out soon, had asked him to return home from college to be with the family. Azad, a 19-year-old second-year student of economics in Kyiv, left for Dnipro, a city of one million people about 300 miles southeast of the capital. On […]

Ukrainian Refugees Are Being Embraced By Europe. Why Weren’t Syrians?

On March 3, a Spanish TV station filmed several guards beating and kicking an African migrant as he climbed down a border fence separating Spain’s enclave of Melilla and Morocco. The video went viral on social media, and migrant rights advocates promptly noted the jarring discrepancy between that display of violence and the country’s readiness […]

Trump Sent Asylum Seekers Back Into “the Depths of Hell”

In August 2019, I wrote an article for the now-defunct Pacific Standard magazine about Martin, an asylum seeker from Cameroon who was denied protection by the United States and faced imminent deportation to a country torn asunder by civil war. Martin, a member of the nation’s English-speaking minority, had taken part in demonstrations going back […]

Will Democrats Let the Senate Parliamentarian Stand in the Way of Immigration Reform?

In another blow to Democrats’ aspirations to include immigration provisions in Biden’s Build Back Better bill, the Senate parliamentarian opposed a plan to grant protection from deportation and work authorization to millions of undocumented immigrants in the United States. It’s yet another frustrating example of how the filibuster has combined with Senate bureaucracy to stop […]

The Biden Administration Thinks Europe Holds the Key to Humane Borders. It’s Not That Simple.

Thousands of migrants freezing in sub-zero temperatures in the forest along the Belarus-Poland border. A “shadow immigration system” that throws asylum seekers into militia-run prisons in Lybia to prevent them from reaching Europe. Cubans being violently pushed out of Greece and into Turkey. “We are in the age of walls and barbed wire,” Pope Francis […]

Behind the Tweet That Became the Rallying Cry for the Insurrection

This article is a collaboration between Mother Jones and Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting, which is a nonprofit investigative newsroom. Sign up to get their investigations emailed to you directly.  On the evening of Monday, November 2, 2020, the 35-year-old attorney who would jump-start the #StopTheSteal hashtag says he was meeting with Trump campaign officials in Philadelphia.  The […]

Republican Glenn Youngkin Wins Virginia Governor Race

On Tuesday, Virginia voters cast their ballots to elect a new governor in the most closely watched election since President Joe Biden took office. After weeks of polls showing a deadlocked off-year race between former Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) and Republican newcomer Glenn Youngkin, the GOP candidate prevailed in a state that had increasingly leaned […]