Author: Isabela Dias

Brazil’s Upcoming Presidential Elections Are the Most Hate-Filled in Recent Memory

Every other day, my WhatsApp bursts with messages from friends in Brazil and abroad expressing equal parts of excitement and apprehension as Sunday’s Brazilian presidential elections approach. On Wednesday, my best friend who lives in the country’s capital, Brasília, texted to say she was scared of wearing red clothes to go vote this weekend because […]

DC Mayor Responds to Months-Long Migrant Busing By Declaring a Public Emergency

On Thursday, Washington, DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser declared a public emergency in response to the buses of migrants arriving from Texas and Arizona to the Nation’s Capital. The declaration allows for the allocation of $10 million in city funds for a newly created Office of Migrant Services to provide assistance to migrants and nonprofit organizations. “With […]

Federal Reserve Chair Says Fighting Inflation Will “Bring Some Pain to Households and Businesses”

During a closely watched speech on Friday morning, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell made it clear that there’s still work to be done to bring inflation under control, despite promising signs that it might be easing. “While the lower inflation readings for July are welcome, a single month’s improvement falls far short of what the […]

Just Released: Read the DOJ’s Redacted Affidavit for Searching Trump’s Estate

The Justice Department just released a redacted affidavit related to the search warrant for former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence. The document provides more information about the justification for the warrant and the criminal investigation into confidential documents retrieved from the Florida estate. Affidavits typically remain sealed during pending investigations, but in this case the […]

Democrats Ask Social Media Companies to Crack Down on Threats Against the FBI

The unprecedented FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago to recover classified documents former President Donald Trump allegedly took from the White House—for which he’s being investigated for potential violation of federal laws that include the Espionage Act—set Republicans and Trump supporters off on a frenzy earlier this month. From Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene calling to defund the law […]

Georgia Federal Judge Blocks Lindsey Graham’s Legal Maneuvering to Avoid Subpoena

Federal Judge Leigh Martin May from Georgia rejected a request from Sen. Lindsey Graham to delay his testimony before a grand jury investigating former President Trump’s attempt to overturn the 2020 elections in the state. Graham is scheduled to testify next week. “Under the circumstances, further delay of Senator Graham’s testimony would greatly compound the […]

Ron DeSantis Scapegoats Former Felons With Voter Fraud Allegations

On Thursday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis made a spectacle of a press conference to announce the arrest of 20 people with felony convictions for voter fraud. Surrounded by law enforcement, DeSantis, who’s running for re-election and has his eye on the GOP nomination for the 2024 presidential race, touted the work of the state’s newly […]