Author: Hannah Levintova

Largest-Ever Leak of Offshore Files Reveals the Secret Finances of Hundreds of Billionaires and World Leaders

On Sunday afternoon, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, in partnership with 150 media organizations around the globe, published a two-year-long investigation into the offshore finances of hundreds of politicians, public officials, and billionaires, based on 11.9 million financial records. It is the largest investigation of its kind, eclipsing the Panama Papers published in 2016. […]

This Week a Facebook Whistleblower Will Reveal Herself. The Company Is Trying to Discredit Her Claims.

Ahead of a TV interview and a Senate hearing this week where a Facebook whistleblower will come forward, executives from the social media behemoth are mounting a counter-campaign against her allegations. The Facebook whistleblower has been in the news, albeit anonymously, thanks to a Wall Street Journal investigation that last month revealed that she had […]

Sanders Says Democrats Will Likely Have to Lower the Price Tag on Biden’s Spending Bill

For months, Democrats have been trying to pass a huge legislative package to fund infrastructure—the physical kind, like roads, and the human kind, like childcare and climate change mitigation. After many iterations, these goals are now stuck in Congress in the form of two bills: a bipartisan $1.2 trillion physical infrastructure bill, and a $3.5 […]

The Justice Department Won’t Investigate COVID Deaths in New York Nursing Homes

Over the last six months, government officials and journalists have surfaced damning information that suggests New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s administration attempted to diminish the true pandemic death toll in the state’s nursing homes. State attorney general data revealed that New York’s public tally of nursing home deaths may have undercounted the fatalities by up to 50 percent, […]

“Not Necessary”: The Biden Administration Just Canceled More Border Wall Contracts

On Friday, the Biden administration canceled two border wall contracts along 31 miles of the Rio Grande in South Texas—continuing the process it began this spring of dismantling one of the Trump administration’s signature initiatives. The two contracts had previously been funded in 2020, but Biden’s Department of Homeland Security announced on Friday that they are “not necessary […]