Author: Hank Berrien

House Passes Bill To Force Girls To Register For The Draft. Conservative Republicans Blast: ‘Left-Wing, Woke Agenda Gone Too Far’

On Thursday, the House of Representatives passed a $768 billion defense bill, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), that included a requirement for women to register for the military draft if the draft were reinstated. 181 Democrats and 135 Republicans voted for the bill. On Wednesday, Republican members of the House Freedom Caucus had held […]

Chris Cuomo’s Former Producer Accuses Him Of Sexual Harassment: ‘Lowering One Hand To Firmly Grab And Squeeze The Cheek Of My Buttock’

On Friday, a veteran television journalist and former executive producer at ABC and CBS who had served as CNN’s Chris Cuomo’s producer when he anchored ABC’s “Primetime Live,” accused him of sexual harassment in 2005, when he greeted her in the presence of her husband and squeezed her buttock. In a New York Times opinion […]

WATCH: Al Sharpton Calls For Investigation Of Border Control. Texans Shout, ‘We Denounce Your Racism And Your Hatred. Get Out Of Texas!’

On Thursday, Al Sharpton, attempting to vilify Border Patrol agents at the southern border of the United States, saying they used “slave-like” actions when dealing with the massive number of illegal immigrants in Del Rio, Texas, held a press conference at the Haitian migrant camp in Del Rio, where Texans bitterly condemned him, heckling him […]

Biden’s Homeland Security Chief Repeatedly Dodges About Number Of Haitian Immigrants Released Into U.S.

On Thursday, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was repeatedly pressed by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer as to how many Haitian immigrants have been released into the United States but repeatedly dodged answering the question with a specific number. The Department of Homeland Security acknowledged on Thursday that 1,401 Haitian immigrants had been returned to Haiti on […]

Schumer Tries Intimidating GOP On Raising Debt Ceiling. McConnell Fires Back, Your ‘Party Line Authors’ Will Be The ‘Party Line Owners’

On Thursday, in an attempt to intimidate Republicans into voting for the continuing resolution advanced by the House which would suspend the debt ceiling until 2022, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who desperately wants the GOP to support such a move so the Democrats are not solely on the hook for it, threatened that if […]

Biden 1994: ‘If Haiti Just Quietly Sunk Into The Caribbean … It Wouldn’t Matter A Whole Lot In Terms Of Our Interest’

In 1994, Joe Biden, then a senator from Delaware, spoke derisively of Haiti when asked if the Clinton administration would intervene after Haitian president Jean-Bertrand Aristide had been ousted in a military coup. Biden told host Charlie Rose on PBS, “If Haiti —a god-awful thing to say — if Haiti just quietly sunk into the Caribbean […]

Hollywood Celebs Send Letter To World Leaders On How To Handle Coronavirus

This week, scores of Hollywood celebrities published an open letter to “World Leaders” advising them on how to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. The celebrities included Ciara, Richard Gere, Anne Hathaway, Eva Longoria, Alyssa Milano and Sarah Silverman, among others. The letter was organized by the global nonprofit CARE, The New York Post reported. “Model […]

Detransitioned Woman Denounces Stanford Child Psychiatrist For ‘Disparagement Of Psychiatric Intervention’

A detransitioned woman who serves as an adviser for two organizations advocating for children questioning their gender issued an open letter in which she ripped a famed Stanford child psychiatrist for what she termed his “disparagement of psychiatric intervention and exploratory psychotherapy, his singular endorsement of affirmative therapies for people with gender dysphoria, and his […]

CNN Compares U.S. Gun Rights To China’s, Says Chinese View U.S. Gun Crime ‘With Bewilderment And Horror’

On Monday, CNN ran an “analysis” of the differences between the United States and the repressive Communist Chinese regarding gun rights, with statements such as these: “China’s gun control policy is broadly popular among the public, which — like many in the international community — views US gun crime with bewilderment and horror.” The article […]