Author: Hank Berrien

‘Who Is Making These Ridiculous Decisions’: Chicago Public Schools Blasted For Eliminating Boys And Girls Separate Restrooms

The Chicago Public School District (CPS) is changing its signage for restrooms in all schools requiring the schools to adopt signage which no longer is separated into boys’ and girls’ restrooms but rather open to members of both sexes. CPS released a video featuring Camie Pratt, the district’s Chief Title IX Officer and Deb Spraggins, […]

WATCH: ‘Bull****’: John Schneider Blisters Baldwin For Tears in Stephanopoulos Interview

In the wake of actor Alec Baldwin’s interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos regarding Baldwin’s fatal shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins in which Baldwin tearfully claimed, “The trigger wasn’t pulled. I didn’t pull the trigger,” actor John Schneider released a blistering video in which he blasted Stephanopoulos and Baldwin, saying that Baldwin’s crying on camera was […]

Famous Zoomer Toobin Of CNN, Who Allegedly Suggested Mistress Abort Baby, Comments SCOTUS On Abortion Case, Gets Dragged

On Wednesday, famed Zoom masturbator and CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, who reportedly suggested his mistress abort their baby in 2008, weighed in on the possibility the Supreme Court could unravel Roe v. Wade in the case it is now considering, tweeting, “If you believe that women should have the right choose abortion, today’s Supreme […]

WATCH: Biden Cynically Uses Hanukkah To Push Build Back Better Plan

On Wednesday, at the annual menorah lighting at the White House for the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, which celebrates the Jewish people’s heroic and successful fight for freedom against the oppression of the Greek Hellenistic king Antiochus IV Epimanes, President Biden, who reportedly is determined to push for businesses to impose vaccine mandates, ignoring judges […]

Kamala Harris’ Chief Spokesperson Latest Staffer To Leave Embattled V.P.

Another high-ranking member of Vice President Kamala Harris’ staff is ditching the embattled politician, the second in the last month. “Symone Sanders, the senior adviser and chief spokesperson for Vice President Kamala Harris, is expected to leave the White House at the end of the year, according to five administration officials familiar with the matter,” […]