Author: Geoffrey Skelley

Beating Biden Isn’t A Priority For Republican Voters In The 2024 Primary (Yet)

Four years ago, the Democratic presidential primary was dominated by a concept nobody could clearly define but everyone could tell you was important: “electability.” Despite the challenges of measuring this amorphous trait, perceptions about who would have the best chance of winning the general election tended to boost older white male candidates at the expense […]

Why Some Republican Candidates Might Not Make The Debate Stage

Whether they’re generating news coverage or raising money (or, in recent years, eyebrows), debates are a critical part of the presidential primary calendar. A great performance can help a lesser-known candidate gain ground in the polls and expand their fundraising reach, while a poor showing can mark the beginning of the end — or the […]

Everything You Need To Know About Ron DeSantis

Transcript Kaleigh Rogers: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis just announced he’s running for president. He’s probably former President Donald Trump’s most significant opponent for the Republican Party nomination. Now that he’s officially announced, I spoke to FiveThirtyEight senior elections analyst Geoffrey Skelley to find out more about the campaign and whether or not he actually has […]

The Rise, Fall And Potential Resurrection Of Ron DeSantis

After signaling a campaign for months — even years — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis formally announced on Wednesday that he’s running for president. As a result, the two leading Republican candidates in the primary polls, former President Donald Trump and DeSantis, are now both officially in the race. In the leadup to his announcement, DeSantis’s […]

A Sex Scandal Tanked A Presidential Front-Runner In The 1980s. Why Not Today?

It’s spring of the year before the presidential primaries, and an unprecedented scandal involving a clear front-runner in the polls has caused a media firestorm and wall-to-wall coverage. No, we’re not talking about former President Donald Trump, who was arraigned last week on criminal charges stemming from a hush-money payment he allegedly made related to […]

Why Are There So Many Boomers In Congress?

Transcript Geoffrey Skelley: Congress is old. In fact, it’s gotten steadily older over the past few decades. In 1981, the median age was about 49 for a representative and about 52 for a senator. In 2023, those numbers are 58 and 65! And this has major implications for the issues the legislature cares about. So, […]

Congress Today Is Older Than It’s Ever Been

Older members of Congress are notorious for their lack of familiarity with modern technology. Late last month, at least three different representatives in a hearing on TikTok called the popular app “Tic Tac,” a breath mint available in many store checkout lines. This is only the latest in a long line of amusing tech-related congressional […]