Author: Fernanda Echavarri

Ethnic Studies Faces Threats Again in Arizona. That Won’t Deter the Woman Who Helped Create It.

One of the most intense races in Arizona this midterm election concerns public education: Republican Tom Horne, the architect of a state law used to ban Tucson Unified’s Mexican American Studies classes a decade ago, is back on the ballot hoping to get reelected as state school superintendent. He’s challenging incumbent Kathy Hoffman. Horne, who […]

“This Is Not Our First Rodeo”: Key Border Cities Say They’re Ready for the End of Title 42

Republicans—and more than a few Democrats—have been lashing out at the Biden administration for planning to lift a Trump-era border closure policy known as Title 42. Critics from both parties have said a post-Title 42 border would be a “catastrophe” and that the administration shouldn’t end the policy until it is “completely ready” to execute […]

May Day Marches Highlight Essential Immigrant Labor and Rising Frustration With Biden

On International Worker’s Day, often referred to as May Day, immigrant rights organizations, labor rights groups, and their allies marched in about a dozen major cities throughout the United States to highlight how essential immigrant labor is to the country and to call for better worker protections. In Washington, DC, workers, families, and community leaders […]

Pelosi Vows Unwavering Support for Ukraine in Unannounced Meeting With Zelensky

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Saturday led a congressional delegation in an unannounced visit to Kyiv to meet with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky. The Democratic Party leader, the highest-ranking US lawmaker to visit Ukraine’s capital since Russia’s invasion, said in a statement that the meeting sends “an unmistakable and resounding message to the entire world: […]

TFW a TV Host Tells a White Woman That as a “Hispanic” She Should Speak for “Hispanic Voters”

If you’re looking for an awkward facepalm emoji moment on cable news, I’ve got one for you. And it will make my fellow Latinos cringe even more. In many ways, we’ve seen versions of this before. On Sunday Fox and Friends Weekend co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy spoke to three Republican, female, congressional candidates in order to […]

Many People Have Thoughts About Biden’s Off-Script Putin Remarks

It was no surprise that Biden’s scripted speech on Saturday from Warsaw, Poland, about the Russian invasion of Ukraine would make international headlines. But what has dominated the conversation is his apparently unscripted remark at the end about Vladimir Putin. “For God’s sake,” the president said, “this man cannot remain in power.” The Sunday morning […]

Democratic Senators Also Don’t Get Why Biden Is Still Using a Cruel Trump-Era Border Policy

More than a year has passed since President Biden decided to continue enforcing a Trump-era border closure policy that claimed the pandemic was reason to turn migrants and asylum seekers back without proper screenings. Title 42, as the policy is known, is now very much a Biden policy—and like other high-ranking Democrats and immigrant rights […]