Author: Emily Zanotti

Andrew Cuomo Charged With ‘Sex Crime’ In Albany, New York

A misdemeanor criminal complaint was filed against former New York governor Andrew Cuomo in Albany City Court on Thursday, charging Cuomo with a “sex crime”: the Class A misdemeanor of “forcible touching.” The charge stems from New York Attorney General Letitia James’ investigation into complaints that the governor engaged in inappropriate behavior while in office. […]

Do-Over? Biden Debuts Modified Now-$1.75 Trillion Spending Plan Following Dem Fracture

President Joe Biden debuted an updated version of his “Build Back Better” spending plan, this time scaled back from the $3.5 trillion “human infrastructure” plan proposed months ago, in hopes that a fractured Democratic party can unite behind both this and the bipartisan physical infrastructure bill. “The $1.75 trillion proposal focuses on care for families, […]

BREAKING: Teen In Loudoun County Sex Assault Case Found Guilty Of Engaging In Nonconsensual Sex

A Virginia court ruled Monday that a teen accused of sexually assaulting a fellow student in a Loudoun County high school bathroom in May is guilty of engaging in non-consensual sex. 🚨BREAKING via ⁦@EliciaBrand⁩ ⁦@ArmyOfParents⁩: Judge Brooks ruled the boy who raped Scott and Jessica Smith’s daughter engaged in nonconsensual sex. Sentencing will be next month. […]

Businesses Beg Biden To Delay Vaccine Mandate Until 2022 Over Possible ‘Mass Exodus’ During Holidays

Businesses are “pleading” with the Biden administration to delay a plan to mandate businesses with 100 or more employees require vaccines or weekly testing over concerns that, if the rule goes into force before the holiday season, businesses could see a “mass exodus” of workers when many need them most, per CNBC. Labor unions are […]

White House Forced To Walk Back Biden Claims: Admin ‘Not Pursuing’ Using National Guard As Truckers, Not Changing China Policy

The White House was forced to intervene Friday and walk back claims President Joe Biden made during a town hall event on Thursday night, admitting that the administration is “not pursuing” using the National Guard to solve the supply chain crisis and that the official United States policy on China and Taiwan has not changed. […]

State Department Admitted Hundreds Of Americans Still Left In Afghanistan, 176 Want To Leave: Report

The State Department reportedly admitted to congressional staff Friday that there are 363 Americans still left in Afghanistan and 176 who are actively communicating with the Biden administration and want to be rescued — hundreds more Americans the State Department previously said remained on the ground behind enemy lines. CNN’s Phil Mattingly tweeted Friday that […]