Author: Emilie Kao

As Long As Education Is Compulsory, Indoctrination Must Not Be

Imagine sitting in a classroom and being told that you don’t belong in a big house, can only be expected to communicate non-verbally and emotionally, or are responsible for the racial supremacy that teachers say oppresses your classmates, simply because of your skin tone. This is what middle-school students from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds …

Wisconsin Case Illustrates Public Schools’ Disdain For Parental Rights

What’s in a name? A child’s name often signifies parents’ hopes and dreams for them or connects that child to their family history. But, as parents in Wisconsin were shocked to learn, school officials planned to ignore their authority by addressing their confused 12-year-old daughter with a male name and male pronouns, and without their knowledge or consent. They and another family have sued the […]