Author: Eamon Whalen

What Happened to Royce White?

It is a brisk April evening in downtown Minneapolis. A haphazard crowd of about twenty people gathers. Some carry American flags. A homily from the mid-twentieth century Catholic archbishop Fulton Sheen—famous for bringing the Word of the Lord to TV and radio—plays through loudspeakers. The plan is a protest, to march and to stop traffic. […]

Kim Potter, Ex-Cop Who Killed Daunte Wright, Given 16-Month Sentence

This morning a Hennepin County judge sentenced Kim Potter—the police officer who shot and killed a 20-year old Black man named Daunte Wright last April in the Minneapolis suburb of Brooklyn Center—to 16 months in prison and eight months on supervised release. She will also be fined $1,000. It is a lighter sentence than some expected. A 26-year veteran […]

Jacob Frey Is a Liar

Last Friday Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey, announced a moratorium on no-knock warrants, the tactic that led to officer Mark Hanneman shooting and killing Amir Locke. It was the second time Frey’s announced a ban. And, for the second time, it was basically a lie. During his re-election campaign in November 2021, Frey had said he’d […]

The Next Big January 6 Conspiracy? It Was the FBI

Last Thursday, in a press conference with the Right Side Broadcasting Network outside the United States Capitol on the anniversary of January 6, Reps. Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene spun an increasingly popular conspiracy theory to explain the horrific events that occurred: It was the Feds. “I’m starting to think this was less of […]

Across the Country, Republican Groups are Holding “Vigils” for January 6 “Patriot Martyrs”

On the one-year anniversary of January 6th local Republican groups are planning “vigils” for those arrested for laying siege to the United States capitol. The events are small but numerous, and their attraction to at least some mainline Republican congressional candidates shows the increasingly blurred line between the far right and the center of the […]