Author: David Atkins

A Few House Moderates Are on the Verge of Scuttling Biden’s Presidency On Behalf of Their Donors

Most of the Beltway narrative around Democratic intraparty infighting pits supposedly beleaguered moderates loyally supporting Democratic priorities and trying to hold onto frontline districts, versus disloyal progressives in safe seats making irresponsible demands that threaten the caucus majority. Per the most self-described savvy insiders, Squad-aligned politicians make noise that hurts the caucus, while the Problem-Solving… Read more »

No One Can Out-Organize the GOP Plot to End American Democracy

Last week reports emerged that an influential group of White House officials were suggesting that Democrats could “out-organize” Republican attempts to suppress votes: In private calls with voting rights groups and civil rights leaders, White House officials and close allies of the president have expressed confidence that it is possible to “out-organize voter suppression,” according… Read more »

What Will It Take For Republicans To Get Vaccinated?

The biggest public health crisis in America is increasingly a partisan one: Democratic areas are largely getting vaccinated while Republican areas lag far behind. This is a particularly large problem as the Delta variant sweeps across the country, with the overwhelming majority of hospitalizations and 99% of deaths among the unvaccinated. In terms of persuading… Read more »

DeSantis Didn’t Win the Pandemic, After All

Do we all remember this piece in Politico titled “How DeSantis Won the Pandemic?” Ron DeSantis wants you to know how well he has done. “We’ve had tremendous success,” the Republican governor of Florida said recently at a vaccine site in Sumterville in the central part of the state when I caught up with him while reporting… Read more »