Author: Daniel King

The Ex-Kremlin Deputy Who Openly Opposed Putin’s War in a Mother Jones Exclusive Has Been Forced to Resign

The former top Russian official who broke ranks with Kremlin leaders by condemning his country’s invasion of Ukraine in a recent Mother Jones interview has been forced out as chair of a prominent foundation for innovation and technology. The sudden resignation by Arkady Dvorkovich from the Skolkovo Foundation, announced today, follows demands for his “immediate […]

Exclusive: Former Top Kremlin Official Who Chairs Global Chess Federation Decries Russia’s War on Ukraine

Two weeks ago, the world’s top chess authorities voted to sharply rebuke Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. The unanimous decision by the International Chess Federation (FIDE) to ban Russians from competing under their own flag, and strip the country of the Chess Olympiad slated for Moscow this summer, is extraordinary not just because it […]

There Are Many Words for Vladimir Putin. Is “Strongman” One?

Calling Vladimir Putin a “strongman” has a long history and fresh meaning as blood is spilled in his name across Ukraine. In recent days, he has been called a “strongman” by the New York Times, Politico, CBS News, NBC News, MSNBC, the Nation, the Hill, and USA Today.  “Strongman” is a conjuring word. It’s concise […]

Dear White People: Here’s How to Honor Native Americans

November is my annual season of ambivalence. Although I love autumn, its poignant air of loss and the promise of renewal, it has the bittersweet distinction of also being Native American history month. Every year, for as long as I can remember, editors of the legacy press, as well as church and school groups, have […]