Author: Dan Spinelli

Putin Invaded Ukraine, and Steve Bannon Says That’s a Good Reason to Impeach Biden

On Thursday, Steve Bannon, the former Trump administration official and 2020 election results denier, turned his podcast into a litany of grievances against President Joe Biden, the Clintons, and the other usual targets. Then he called for impeachment and praised Russian President Vladimir Putin.  Any regular listener to Bannon’s War Room podcast has grown used to these kind […]

The World’s Next Great Humanitarian Crisis is Unfolding Before Our Eyes

Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine on Thursday portends a deep, destructive conflict that could create millions of refugees and cause a spiraling crisis for Eastern Europe. Ukraine, the continent’s second-largest country by area, appears to be under siege from its north, east, and south by Russian troops. For Ukrainians, this escalation is only the latest […]

Will Ukraine Ruin the New Xi-Putin Bromance?

Diplomatic readouts—the official statements issued by governments after heads of states chat—are not usually prone to verbosity. You can expect a few, simple paragraphs, at best, vaguely characterizing the issues discussed. In contrast, when Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin met earlier this month, their countries released a nearly 6,000-word joint statement outlining […]

Enes Freedom Really Needs Some Better Friends

It appears that the 10-year NBA career of Enes Freedom came to an end last Thursday, when the Houston Rockets acquired him in a trade and immediately sent him packing. What the sports world treated as a routine transaction quickly sparked a free-for-all on conservative Twitter, with everyone from Matt Schlapp to Sen. Rick Scott […]

Four Days After Saying Brian Flores’ Racism Claims Were “Without Merit,” NFL Decides He Has a Point

Earlier this week, former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores filed a lawsuit accusing the league of “systemic racism” and identified examples of teams conducting “sham interviews” with Black coaching candidates without any intention of hiring them. As evidence, he included text messages with New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick that seem to show Belichick […]

Chinese Police Manhandle a Reporter During a Live Olympics Broadcast

One moment Dutch journalist Sjoerd den Daas was reporting live from outside the Olympic opening ceremony in Beijing. The next he was being “forcibly pulled” by a plainclothes security officer while another one blocked the camera from capturing what was happening.  The episode is only the latest troubling sign of the Chinese government’s crackdown on […]

This Era of Athlete Activism Is About to Collide With the Reality of the Beijing Olympics

The Olympics is a showcase for the world’s best athletes, but it also serves as an unforgettable chance to capture the global viewing audience’s collective attention: Think of Tommie Smith and John Carlos raising their fists in a Black Power salute after medaling at the 1968 Olympics, or long jumper Peter O’Connor climbing a pole and waving an […]