Author: Corinne Murdock

‘Minor-Attracted Person’: Inside The Growing Effort To Destigmatize Pedophilia

Earlier this month, an Old Dominion University (ODU) professor of sociology and criminal justice, Allyn Walker, brought global attention to a newer term, “Minor-Attracted Persons” or “MAPs” for short, within a greater argument that pedophiles shouldn’t be ostracized for their urges. Although ODU seemingly initially defended the comments, they eventually placed Walker on administrative leave. Walker, […]

‘We’re Being Treated As If We Are COVID Itself’: Scientists From Major Research Lab Push Back Against Vaccine Mandate

One hundred and fifty scientists and employees within one of the most critical government-funded energy research labs in the country are on indefinite unpaid leave after they were denied a religious exemption request for the COVID-19 vaccine. They work at the historic Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL): the largest science and energy lab in the […]

Whistleblower: Texas State Department Requiring ‘Critical Race Theory’ Training for Employees

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) required training that incorporated key tenets of Critical Race Theory (CRT) for its employees, a whistleblower shared with Republican gubernatorial candidate Don Huffines. The whistleblower, who opted for anonymity, provided materials associated with a required course for DFPS employees, “Knowing Who You Are.” Upon completing the […]

Vanderbilt University Medical Center Takes Woman Off Transplant List for Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine

Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) deactivated a 23-year-old woman from the transplant list, where she had been waiting since June 2018 on dialysis for a lifesaving kidney transplant, because she isn’t vaccinated against COVID-19. The woman, Codie Samuelson, now has six months to get listed for the transplant at another hospital or be removed entirely. […]

American Power Crisis Ahead: Natural Gas Imports Increase Following Democrat-Driven Pipeline Shutdowns

As more U.S. natural gas pipelines shut down due to climate concerns and the regulations prompted by them, the country is becoming increasingly reliant on foreign natural gas resources. One of the main importers of natural gas, Massachusetts, is reportedly increasing its liquid natural gas (LNG) imports from Trinidad and Tobago in South America over […]

Arizonans Launch School Board Association As Alternative To Current Monopoly Wanting Parents Investigated For Possible ‘Domestic Terrorism’

On Tuesday, a group of Arizonans launched the Arizona Coalition of School Board Members (ACSBM) as an alternative to the Arizona School Boards Association (ASBA): a 73-year-old monopoly held by the National School Boards Association (NSBA). That’s the very government lobbying group that requested President Joe Biden’s DOJ use the PATRIOT Act to investigate individuals […]

Ben & Jerry’s Founders Admit Money Is Why They Don’t Boycott Sales In States Whose Policies They Disagree With: ‘Israel Is A Drop In The Bucket’

Ben & Jerry’s founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield admitted in an interview with Axios that money is the main reason they don’t boycott sales in states whose policies they disagree with, in the context of their Israel boycott enacted in July. Axios reporter Alexi McCammond pressed Cohen and Greenfield on their decision to not […]

Tennessee Tech Professors Suing After University Punishes Them for ‘Threatening, Harassing, Intimidating’ Turning Point USA Advisor

Two Tennessee Tech University (TTU) professors are suing TTU after the university punished them for “threatening, harassing, and intimidating” a Turning Point USA (TPUSA) advisor and students. TTU found the two professors, Dr. Julia Gruber and Andrew Smith, at fault for posting flyers that singled out TTU’s TPUSA advisor, a fellow TTU professor named Andrew […]

‘California Stops At The Arizona Border’: Senate Candidate Blake Masters Visits San Francisco For Latest Campaign Video

Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters walked viewers down a typical San Francisco, California, street for his latest campaign ad. In the fifty-second video, masked pedestrians stroll by tent encampments lining sidewalks, while the homeless and drug addicts either shuffle past or slump over with heads hung. Masters suggested that Arizona would turn into the streets […]