Author: Clara Jeffery

January 6 Committee Opens With a Narrative MasterClass

Look, who knows what the upshot of the January 6 Committee hearings will be. That Trump and his cronies tried to overthrow election results has been clear for more than a year to those who are paying attention. But what if you haven’t been? Well, the January 6 Committee has made a deft play to […]

He Did Not Act Alone

“We don’t know his motive yet, but authorities believe he acted alone”…“it was a lone gunman”…the shooter acted alone…” No, he didn’t. A motive will probably be assigned to him. We have studied every mass shooting since 1982. And the “motives” are usually some combination of the following: He struggled with bullying. Or self-loathing and […]

What Pundits Don’t Understand About the San Francisco Recall

All politics is local. And that’s especially true of the San Francisco school board recall. Last night, SF residents overwhelming voted to oust the only three board members eligible for recall, including the particularly divisive Alison Collins (79 percent voted for removal), board president Gabriela Lopez (75 percent), and even vice president Faauuga Moliga (72 […]