Author: Christian Toto

6 Movie Franchises That Went On Too Long

We’ll never get tired of watching Bond, James Bond, save the world. That’s assuming, of course, the next Bond won’t fret over the right pronouns or mansplain to future Bond Girls — sorry, Bond Birthing People. Some movie franchises maintain our affection for years, if not decades. The “Harry Potter” series, for example, started out solid […]

Critics vs. America: The Chasm Grows Wider

There’s a reason the People’s Choice Awards and the Oscars don’t crown similar winners. The former reflects the box office power of a particular film. The latter? Winners are chosen by artists honoring the best creative achievements in a given year. It’s the most prestigious award in film and, arguably, popular culture. Or at least […]

6 Reasons Gutfeld Is Late Night TV’s Biggest Surprise

For years, mainstream pop culture has refused to give half of America a late-night television show to call its own. So Fox News stepped in. The right-leaning platform introduced “Gutfeld!” — hosted by the network’s regular cut up, Greg Gutfeld — in April. The show wasn’t an overnight sensation. It took a few months for […]

How the Media Make Cancel Culture Worse

Cancel Culture might not exist without Twitter and company. Take one angry Tweet or Facebook post. Add hundreds, or thousands, of shares over a short span of time. Voila! A single complaint can leave the target scrambling to apologize or look for a new…

Hollywood’s #MeToo Hypocrisy Is Back On Center Stage

FX’s “Impeachment: American Crime Story” tries to correct the cultural record regarding Monica Lewinsky from a post-MeToo lens. Tell that to Paula Jones. The limited series, featuring Lewinsky as a producer, revisits President Bill Clinton’s impeachment scandal, one that nearly derailed his presidency. The same culture that relentlessly mocked Lewinsky at the time is now […]