Author: Christian Toto

Hollywood’s #MeToo Hypocrisy Is Back On Center Stage

FX’s “Impeachment: American Crime Story” tries to correct the cultural record regarding Monica Lewinsky from a post-MeToo lens. Tell that to Paula Jones. The limited series, featuring Lewinsky as a producer, revisits President Bill Clinton’s impeachment scandal, one that nearly derailed his presidency. The same culture that relentlessly mocked Lewinsky at the time is now […]

7 Stars Who Oppose Vaccine Mandates — Decry Groupthink

Vaccine mandates are the newest cause celebre in La La Land. Late night hosts are praising President Joe Biden for making them mandatory for businesses with more than 100 employees. Stars are doing all they can to promote vaccines in general, with a vaccinated but sickly Chris Rock joining that chorus this week. Not every […]

‘A La Calle’ : The HBO Doc On Venezuela’s Collapse That Fails To Mention Socialism

Imagine a documentary about Venezuela’s modern-day collapse that forgets to name-check a critical reason why. Socialism. Yes, the new documentary “A La Calle” essentially ignores that element of Venezuela’s decline, a shock given the film’s long running time and exhaustive detail. The documentary, available now on HBO Max, still offers essential lessons on political corruption […]

Clint Eastwood Could Teach Madonna And Howard Stern a Lesson On Aging Gracefully

There’s an art to aging gracefully, especially for the rich and famous. We expect stars to stay forever young, while the artists themselves fight to maintain that image by any means necessary. Staying young isn’t always about appearances, though. Celebrities struggle to maintain their brands over time, even as the culture shifts under their feet. It’s what […]

REVIEW: ‘Karen’ Is the BLM Movie Nobody Asked For

Darth Vader. Norman Bates. Hans Gruber. Karen Drexler… but you can just call her Karen. Yes, the scourge of social media memes now has a feature film all her own, one that doubles as a Black Lives Matter recruitment film. “Karen” is a B-movie thriller at its core, one that doesn’t have an ounce of […]