Author: Christian Toto

‘Truth Yeller’ Doesn’t Hold Back, With Adam Carolla, Rob Riggle Diving Head First Into Touchy Subjects

Most comedians avoid joking about The Boss, and for good reason. Not Adam Carolla. The podcast giant poked fun at his new employer, The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro, on the latest installment of “Adam Carolla: Truth Yeller.” The freewheeling show, part stand-up, part improv, found Carolla tweaking Shapiro early and often, from his fellow podcaster’s […]

Meet The Media Disruptors Hollywood Loves To Hate

Comedian Tim Dillon offered a simple rationale for Business Insider’s recent hit piece on Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy. Portnoy, the comedian said, is a “disruptor.” Barstool Sports offers a frisky take on athletics, one that counters what a staid network like ESPN offers. Portnoy steals eyeballs from mainstream channels, and reporters aren’t happy about […]

6 Movie Franchises That Went On Too Long

We’ll never get tired of watching Bond, James Bond, save the world. That’s assuming, of course, the next Bond won’t fret over the right pronouns or mansplain to future Bond Girls — sorry, Bond Birthing People. Some movie franchises maintain our affection for years, if not decades. The “Harry Potter” series, for example, started out solid […]