Author: Candace Owens

Big Pharma Is The Largest Drug Cartel On Earth

Felix Gallardo is a college graduate, turned federal police agent, turned drug-trafficking Lord of the infamous Guadalajara cartel.  In the 1970s Gallardo began growing and selling billions of dollars worth of drugs each year. Everyone was on his payroll. Police officers, governors, judicial officers. Can you imagine that? The Mexican government, their law enforcement and […]

OWENS: The Anti-Science Left Doesn’t Want You Asking Questions

Twenty weeks ago, I did something brave. I told the truth. I talked about some of the symptoms that many women said they were experiencing after taking the vaccine — before the Ministry of Truth said we could.  Conspiracy theorist. Liar. Anti-vaxxer causing vaccine hesitancy. That’s what I — or anyone who dared ask questions […]